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  • Quest Giver: Novice Imue
  • Location(s): Bellevue
  • Prerequisite Quest: none
  • Next Quest: none
  • Reward: random experience, gold and/or loot

Quick Walkthrough

Speak to Novice Imue standing outside the shop near the Bellevue temple to begin the quest.

Head west to find the robber's cave.

Enter the cave, find the mage boss, Harkan the Terrible, and defeat him.

Find Novice Nimues and collect your reward.

Head back to Novice Imue to collect a second reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

Find Novice Imue standing outside the shop near the Bellevue temple and speak to her:


The robber's cave where the missing Novice Nimues is being held is located a good ways west of where Novice Imue stands:


Once you enter the cave, make your way to the location shown here:


There, you will find a mage boss, Harkan the Terrible, and his two cronies. As soon as you open the door to his room, all three enemies will attack you, so make certain to clear the room you are in of all enemies before opening the door:


After Harkan is defeated, make your way to the location shown here:


Novice Nimues is standing here waiting for you. Talk to her to collect your reward:


Quest over... or is it? If you read your log book, it suggests returning to speak with Novice Imue. Make your way back to Novies Imue, speak to her, and collect another reward:


Logbook Entry

th_Abducted1.jpg th_Abducted2.jpg th_Abducted3.jpg


The dialog and log entries for this quest may differ slightly depending upong the type of character you're playing with.

When you enter the robber's cave, find Sister Nimues before seeking out Harkan the Terrible. You'll be able to see her caught in the mind trap, which is a pretty cool visual.

Speak with her and she will say: "You must kill the sorcerer to destroy this magic cage."

An additional two paragraphs will appear in your log book:

"Novice Nimues is trapped in a magical energy sphere which is kept aloft by mind control.

I must find the sorcerer who controls this prison. When I have killed the scoundrel, the cage should disappear."

There is a similar named quest Abducted (Underworld) in the Underworld campaign.

Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair