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  • Quest Giver:
  • Location(s):
  • Prerequisite Quest:
  • Next Quest:
  • Reward:

Quick Walkthrough

  • Talk with Fabrizio daCorda, standing out the merchant's house.
  • He gives you a package to deliver to his "partner".
  • Find Scarface(you Need to go East).
  • Follow Scarface in the thieves' district of Braverock.
  • Here you Will be stopped by captain Bregonix. Talk to Scarface and to Bregonix.
  • If you choose to help Bregonix you Will Need to kill Scarface and some thieves.
  • Talk to Bregonix for your reward.
  • If you choose to help Scarface, the captain and his soldiers will attack you.
  • Talk to Scarface for your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

th_ancariansnow1.jpg th_ancariansnow2.jpg th_ancariansnow3.jpg th_ancariansnow4Reject.jpg th_ancariansnow5Reject.jpg th_ancariansnow6accept.jpg th_ancariansnow7accept.jpg

Logbook Entry

Multiple paths

  • Accept:

th_ancariansnowL1.jpg th_ancariansnowL2accept.jpg th_ancariansnowL3accept.jpg th_ancariansnowL4.jpg

  • Reject:

th_ancariansnowL1.jpg th_ancariansnowL2reject.jpg th_ancariansnowL3reject.jpg th_ancariansnowL4.jpg


Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair