Sacred:Cookies for the Marquis

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  • Quest Giver: Cookie girl
  • Location(s): Purgatori
  • Prerequisite Quest: The demon called Mirkon
  • Next Quest: The Demon called Mirkon
  • Reward: Random reward

Quick Walkthrough

Talk to the Cookie Girl standing at the house near the blacksmiths shop then start the "A Demon called Mirkon" quest, complete the quest and you will get the cookies for the marquis.

Detailed Walkthrough

Logbook Entry

Find a packet of tasty cookies for the mother Carolyn.

The Cookie girl would like me to find cookies for her mother. Carolyn would really like to attend Marquis de St. Marcos festivites but she needs a special gift to be invited.


Start this quest before you start "A demon called Mirkon" then start that quest in order to get the cookies for the mother Carolyn. Make sure you give them to her and not the Marquis.

Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair