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  • Quest Giver: Markus of Porto Draco
  • Location(s): Porto Draco
  • Prerequisite Quest: none
  • Next Quest: Unmarked quest Lover's Lock (idk the real name but just find Markus in Porto Vallum)
  • Reward: XP and a Runes

Quick Walkthrough

A soldier asks you to take a letter to his lover for he can't do it himself. You take the letter to his lover who is down the road and she thanks you. The quest is complete and you get XP and a rune.

Detailed Walkthrough

You arrive in Porto Draco and a young soldier named Markus of Porto Draco beseeches you to take a letter to his sweetheart, Danielle van Berg, because he is being transferred to Porto Vallum to defend against the orcs, and he can't tell her himself. You agree to do so for him and walk into town a bit and deliver the letter. Danielle reads the letter, and is both sad that he must go to Porto Vallum and happy that Markus is alive. She asks of you that if you were to see Markus again to give him a lock of her hair. The quest is complete and you receive XP and a rune.

Logbook Entry


Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair