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  • Quest Giver: Jonas
  • Location(s): Bellevue
  • Prerequisite Quest: none
  • Next Quest: none
  • Reward: experience, two health potions, and occasionally something else

Quick Walkthrough

Find Jonas hiding in a cave a good ways southeast of the Bellevue colosseum to begin the quest

Escort Jonas to his woried mother to collect your reward.

Detailed Walkthrough

This quest involves finding a lost boy who is hiding in a cave and returning him to his worried mother, both of whom can be found near Walker Godfaith from the Angling Without Bait quest.

Heading southeast from the Bellevue Colosseum, pass Walker Godfaith and begin heading south, southeast until you find a cave. Be careful as a witch boss hangs around the area of the entrance. Enter the cave and defeat the wolves hanging around inside. Locate the boy and speak to him:


Jonas will join your party. Leave the cave and return to where Walker Godfaith is standing. Head west and you'll find the worried mother waiting for you on the small peninsula. Speak with her to have Jonas leave your party and obatain your reward:


Logbook Entry

th_missingson1.jpg th_missingson2.jpg


For some reason, this quest was altered with the release of the Underworld expansion. As is indicated in the quest log, one should begin this quest by speaking with the worried mother first. Speak with her before tackling the quest to see the original quest invite:


Alternative description on Wolfe's Lair