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In Sacred 2 and around the time of Christmas there is a wonderful winter land quest to be enjoyed. Unique creatures, festive music and the joy of the anticipation of a gift are all part of the journey called Can Christmas Still be Saved? The end of that quest is what this page is all about. The presents! Each time you complete the quest you will receive a full set of Christmas attire. Warm cozy reds, greens and whites are all the fashion during this snowy time of year and you can be sure that the Christmas Ogre does not disappoint! Well... The Shadow Warrior may disagree, but! He's not here now. So! On to the presents.

A Christmas full set is hidden away inside your present under the tree and you have only to save Christmas in the Christmas Valley to get your chance to tear off the wrapping. If you can't wait to open your present and want a little peak then feel free to have a look at each of the characters' Christmas sets. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Sets

Dryad's Merry Christmas Set

High Elf's Merry Christmas Set

Inquisitor's Dark Christmas Set

Seraphim's White Christmas Set

Shadow Warrior's Merry Christmas Set

Temple Guardian's Merry Christmas Set

And here's some other toys you might like to enjoy. They'll be tucked inside your Christmas presnt along with your Set.
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