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Increases the radius on AOE type combat arts and does not seem to have an effect on minimum casting distance.

Don't underestimate the parameter of equipment "combat arts radius +x%". For the typically small value of the bonus is hidden geometric trick: to increase the area of damage CA in 2 times it is sufficient to collect 39% bonus to increase; in 2,5 times - 58% bonus; which is three times as high as 74% bonus. Remember, area depends on the radius squared.

The two pictures below illustrate this item modifier's effect on Flaring Nova when adding +11.1% to Combat Art Range.

  • Without this item modifier, Flaring Nova's range is a few inches short of the chest

  • With +11.1% to Combat Art range, Flaring Nova now extends past the chest corner

Availability of Combat art range +X% as Item Modifier

This modifier appears on the following unique items:

And on Legendary Items:

It is available on the following set as a full set item bonus:

This modifier is available on the following unlock items as a gold modifier:

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