Sacred 2:Expedition to the Old Naval Port

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After you deliver Wylmieni's message to Senator Nimorean, he thinks of the recent events in the Old Naval Port. Some weeks ago some undead began to appear there, and even the worst thugs keep away from there. As Senator Nimorean thinks this could be related to your business with the Undead Legion, he orders you to find out what's happening in the Old Naval Port.


Find the spot the undead are infiltrating the navel port from!

The situation seems very threatening. It could even be connected to the problems that we've been having here for a few days. Recently a few undead were spotted in the old naval port. It's a dangerous neighbourhood that used to be a place of refuge for cutthroats and criminals, but since undead have been spotted not even the meanest thief will set foot in there. Please go to the old naval port and find out where the undead are entering that area from. When you have some information, report to General Denyew in the military camp.


So you have a small trip heading south until you leave the city. After the military camp there's the sealed door to the old docks, but there's also a small road leading to one of the poorer neighborhoods in Thylysium. You take that road, but instead of following it, you go by the small path that goes on the right hand between the hills. At the end of the path, on your right side, you see the Old Naval Port: a very degraded place, sunk into the darkness.

You enter into the port, keeping your eyes open; you can smell the danger in here. Just entering the port you see a mysterious man in a corner. He turns out to be an exiled leper; he was forced into exile after his illness was diagnosed. You ask him about the undead, and he is not surprised that Thylysium is concerned about this affair. He sees every night the undead coming out from a vault in the port.


Go to General Denyiw and report to him!

That's all what I saw. You should hurry. More undead come every night. It will be too late once they've flooded the city!


Now you know where the undead come from, so it's time to explain the situation to The General Denyiw.

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