Sacred 2:Guardian's Word

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This unique sword will only drop if you have the Community Patch installed.

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Item Modifiers


  • Lore (unofficial): "This sword is a relic of the Ancient Wars, the very events that figure in legends and old records. It was a weapon of the Guardians of the Great Machine, those who followed an order to Serve and Protect. Designed for wars in which many foes used technology-enhanced armor and energy shields, this sword has hydraulics-powered blade capable of cutting through the best armor and a special t-energy layer that allows to overload the enemies' shields and often disable them in one hit. The technology which was used to make such weapons was lost in time, but this particular sword remains as powerful as it was ages ago. But the foes in the present Ancaria are not what they used to be..."
  • The Absorption Warding Energy (opponent) bonus is actually a new, customized version of the standard bonus that is extremely powerful, effectively allowing the player to dispel enemy Energy Shields with a single blow.
  • Likewise the Opponent's Armor -X% modifier is also a new, powered-up version of a standard bonus. The game had a version of it that only applied to Physical armor, rendering the modifier less useful against enemies with elemental resistances, especially for weapons with damage converters forged (what's the point of reducing physical armor if you're not dealing physical damage?) This all channel version allows the weapon's owner to customize its damage to his heart's desire without compromising the modifiers.