Sacred 2:A Revolutionary Idea

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From the New Books of Ice & Blood

A Revolutionary Idea

- But what's it good for?

- Good for, good for. Why does everything have to be good for something? Besides: have you never asked yourself how that would be?

- Hmm .. don't know. Maybe sometimes. But never for long. I guess ... you can't turn a blind eye on reality. That's not what this is about. And anyway...

Poldinam the beautiful waitress put two full tankards on the table between Milan and Golros and put the empty ones on her tray without saying a word. Ignoring them, she turned on her heel and went over to the bar.

- ... and anyway: look at us! I. Dropped out of the Mages' Academy, got two illegitimate kids to pay for. Now I am earning my living with the writing of short manifestos and speeches for the high-and-mighty council members whose brains are too small or too lazy to produce a thought worthy of the paper it's written on. And what about you? A small-time crook who can barely survive on what he makes with semi-legal odd jobs. And if you don't hit the jackpot during one of your burglaries and find the damned dragon's treasure in a golden chest soon, nothing will change for you either. That's fact! Is it really so surprising to try and ignore it, even for a little while?

- Nah, 'course not. But you should stay realistic. Let's take my aunt Hannafee for example ... they nicked her ...

- Nicked her?

- Yeah ... took her. Nicked her. Locked her away. 'Cause she thought she was Seraphim Sophia herself and started preachin' on the market place.

- And they nicked her for that?

- She preached to the chickens in the cages and called them "winged sisters".

-OH... I see. But that's something completely different. Your aunt wasn't cognizant. She couldn't help herself. But us... we are free. What I'm saying is: we're not bonkers!

-Aunt Hannahfee didn't go bonkers! She's just got... an alternative perception of reality.

-Whatever. The result remains the same. They wanted to nick her either way. The point is: she didn't have a choice! We do. It's like a dream, only you're not sleeping.

-Fine. One imagines one's someone else. What then? and what's so special 'bout it?

-Simply this: You tell the others.

-Huh! The others?Which others?

-Well, the others who also imagine they are someone else.

-I'm tellin' others I'm not the one I am, but I'm someone else? And they tell me the same? Forget it! No way! That'd be embarrassin'.

-Ho do you know it's embarrassing? You haven't tried it, yet.

-I do know what's embarrassin' and what's not, thank you.

-But if everyone is doing it, it can't e embarrassing anymore, right? And besides...

The waitress strode pas Milan and Golros with a full tray and put it down on teh table next to theirs. While she blew a lock of hair from ehr face, which had loosened from her bun, she put the tankards on the large table. when she turned, she glanced at the two men's tankards. Golros looked at her, and their eyes met for just a moment. He spontaneously and unsuccessfully tried an easy smile when Poldina turned around and disappeared in the direction of teh bar. Golros' eyes followed her

-his face still frozen in a strained smile.



-... and besides: it's a lot of fun!

-But why others? If I want to imagine bein' someone else, I don't have to tell others 'bout it! I can do it all for meself.

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