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Some items show up in the data files, such as locales/en_US/Itemnames.csv, but don't seem to appear in the game, at least for the PC:

Fist Weapons
Knuckles, Knuckle Duster, Talons; in categories Bladed, Common and Spiked
Bola, Entangler, Ensnarler
Flail, Battle Flail, War Flail
Throwing Drinks
Throwing Potion, Explosive Liquid, Hazardous Phial
Throwing Stones
Rocks, Pellets, Shot
Rapier, Cutlass, Spatha
Pistol, Handgun, Smallarm
Chain Weapons
Morning Star, Scourge, Nunchaku
Recurved Bows
Recurve Bow, Heavy Recurve Bow, Leaden Recurve Bow
Whip, Lash, Crop