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th_scju.png The Seraphim somersaults towards her opponent and strikes hard with her weapons when she lands. A mobile Hard Hit, this Combat Art is a particularly well animated jump that offers speedy mobility via jump coupled with a reduced Hard Hit when landing upon an enemy. A seraphim can be made to leap about the screen, crossing gorges, taking out enemy archers with a one hit kill. It is useful for closing in quickly upon an enemy, and if coupled with an Attack right after, can deal out very serious damage to the first opponent that it lands on, and then continuing onwards to taking out the rest of the enemy party. Combat Jump can only be used upon enemies that are within line of sight and cannot be used to hit enemies hiding behind obstacles. Combat Jump will amplify the damage manifested from whichever weapon slot is active while the seraphim is landing.

Usage Strategies

  • Having a buff on such as Rotating Blades of Light and Light while using this will increase your damage, thereby improving your chance of killing the opponent that you land upon immediately. A seraphim can move about the screen quickly while leapfrogging from enemy to enemy, making instant one-hit kills and then after the Combat Art has regenerated can Combat Jump to the next. Having a Combat Jump that is no more than two seconds long for regeneration gives this CA true real time battle value.
  • If the seraphim uses a Combo afterwards of four Attacks in a row, the character could then land in the midst of an enemy mob, kill the boss instantly and then with the four Attacks in a row comprised of six attacks each, mow down an entire mob.
  • Especially useful for skeleton mages and their undead encadre, or goblin shamans and their party.
  • Switch to a higher damage weapon slot while somersaulting to have the weapon slot with highest possible melee damage upon contact with the first enemy.
  • Use Strength of Faith to hugely increase your chance of successfully hitting the enemy upon landing.

  • Pros
  • The damage scales up quickly when reading or socketing runes to increase the potency of this Combat Art
  • Can cover ground quickly to close in on enemies
  • Can be used as a method of delivering a devastating combo up closely and quickly on a dragon or other Boss.
  • +100% more damage with only one level of rune read.

  • Cons
  • Regeneration times for this Combat Art increase quickly, making the times between use more difficult at higher levels.
  • While the seraphim is somersaulting to her opponents she is vulnerable, and cannot run away from incoming damage while in flight. There is the possibility of incoming enemy damage killing you before you land.
  • This Combat Art does not increase the seraphim's percentage chance of hitting successfuly. If the seraphim misses and does not score a successful hit upon the monster after initiating the jump, the Combat Jump's damage upon landing is wasted.