Sacred:Dragons and Other Interesting Places. (Ancaria), Need a place to go? A Guide by Myles

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Dragons and Other Note Worthy Bosses

Note that I haven't count regional dragon bosses, that I think is another issue altogether.

High Resolution Map

Dragons (in alphabetical order)

[color=navy]1) Acutami[/color]

This swamp dragon reside in the Dams of Gnarlstat. In campaign, you will have to pass thru the area, but you don't have to kill him. This is probably the least fav. dragon because of his location.

Direction: Use the Valley of Zhurag-Nar portal, there should be an open gate Northeast. In campaign, just wait until you pass thru the cave.

[color=navy]2) D'Cay[/color]

The undead lady dragon, also known as the desert dragon. She is very popular. 1) She is the easiest dragon to kill. 2) She is right outside Khorad-Nar.

Direction: Use the Khorad-Nu portal, she is just a bit south of town.

Note: In MP, she is one of the three dragons you need to kill in order to summon the Sakkara Demon.

[color=navy]3) Draconis Mortis[/color]

Also known as the Island Dragon. It is because he is the only dragon that resides in an island. He is considered to be a more challenging dragon, mainly because of the small island. In other words, not much leg room for your character to maneuver.

Direction: The normal way to get to the island is thru the small portal at the end of the back cave in Crow's Rock Castle. But if you have a character that can TP (ex. Phase Shift), you can just hop onto the island. The island is location roughly in between Proto Valum and Crow's Rock Castle.

[color=navy]4) Frosted Death & Winters Rigor[/color]

They are known as the Twins. They are virtually identical, and stand side by side at the end of the Tyr-Hadar region. They are challenging because they come in two, with a huge crowd of Ice Elfs.

Direction: Use the Mascarell portal, follow the path to Tyr-Fasul, then take the branch that goes into Tyr-Hadar. Just take the quest from the WE in Tyr-Hadar and you will come across the twins in no time.

[color=navy]5) Lorinor[/color]

Known as the Forest Dragon, he resides deep inside the woods. Another unpopular dragon because of his location.

Direction: Use the Mascarell portal, go to Proto Draco and exit the town with the Southern exit. Then head all the way west (you will find a long forest path that takes you to Lorinor.)

[color=navy]6) Loromir[/color]

Known as the Friendly Dragon. He is an NPC and you can't fight him. However you can do a series of quest for him. Also, you can bring the dragon eggs to him for exp reward.

Direction: Use the Mystdale Castle portal and go North until you reach Drakenden.

[color=navy]7) Sirithcam[/color]

Known as the Fire dragon. Well he is THE fire dragon, and you must kill him in the campaign. He is the ruler of Alkazaba nor Draco. He drops a portal rune that takes you from the lava region to the North of Goblin Lawn.

Direction: Use the Fields of Urkuk portal, get onto the lava field and aim Northwest, you should find the underground town of Alkazaba nor Draco. Use the Northwest exit of the town, keep going and you will find Sirithcam.

Note: Sirithcam is one of the three dragons you must kill to summon the Sakkara Demon in MP.

[color=navy]8) Sisslith[/color]

Known as the Frost dragon. Not surprisingly he resides in Frostgard. He is another dragon that you will pass thru in campaign but you don't need to kill. He drops a portal rune that take you from Frostgard to Wyvern Pass.

Direction: Use the Seraphim Monastery portal, head South and into the Monastery, go thru the gap in the North, keep going and you will find Sisslith.

Note: Sisslith is one of the three dragons you must kill to summon the Sakkara Demon in MP.

[color=navy]9) Sssiliths[/color]

Another Swamp Dragon. You don't have to kill him in any mode, but he drops a portal rune that activate a small portal from the entrance of Azschabrag to Mystdale. He is right outside the new region Azschabrag.

Direction: There are many ways to get there. 1) Take the Valley of Zhurag-Nar portal, head East and then South. 2) Take the Mystdale Castle portal, head North. 3) Take the Hedgenton portal, go east and pass thru the secret passageway, you will be right outside the entrance of Azschabrag.

Note Worthy Bosses:

[color=navy]1) Karisall[/color]

The Medusan Guardian. And the only one apparently. She is deep inside the cave of Zhurag-Nar. You must pass thru her in the campaign during the element quest. She drops a portal rune that takes you from the end of the Zhurag-Nar cave to the beginning of the Zhurag-Nar cave.

Direction: Take the Valley of Zhurag-Nar portal, get onto the plateau, and choose the right track. Go all the way Northeast and into the cave, eventually you will meet her.

[color=navy]2) H'Runga'zz[/color]

Known as the Forest God. The new boss for the new region Azschabrag. You must kill her in order to get out of the region if you have progressed deep into the Tomb Raiders' Inc series of quest.

Direction: This one is tricky, you must fight in the Gloomoor arena for five times minimum, then talk to the mage outside the arena to join the Inc. Then get to Azschabrag, follow the long series of quest and you will get to fight her in the end.

[color=navy]3) Ilith'Bah[/color]

AKA the Sakkara Demon. He is the strongest single foe in Ancaria, and usually yields excellent drops. Obviously you must kill him in campaign, but you can summon him in MP as well. Just kill the three element quest dragons: desert, frost, and fire, then head to the large chamber behind the throne room in Braverock. The demon will be there, attack it and you can fight him.

Direction: I pretty much has said it above. Just follow the individual directions on the dragons, then port to the Braverock portal.

[color=navy]4) Shaddar[/color]

I have debated with myself a long time about including him or not. But in the end, his mug shot is the best and there is nothing else at his corner, So...

You won't find him in MP btw (unless they plan to make a new patch and bring back Ancaria campaign in MP, which I doubt with Sacred 2 coming).

Direction: Use the Shaddar-Nur portal.