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Portals are special access points located throughout Ancaria.

Unactivated portal


Activated portal that has been visited by a character:


Once portal has been activated it becomes a point of instant access for that character – from any other portal of that type available to that character. Two distinct sets of portals exist; the Ancarian Portals and the Underworld Portals, with the only point in common being Haven Isle. These do not intermix – you cannot move from an Ancarian portal to an Underworld portal, nor the reverse.

Ancarian Portals

Underworld Portals

Portals on The Haven Isle

The portals located on Haven Isle are special. All are one-way, in that none of the outgoing portals from Haven place you at another portal. Haven possesses three portals above ground, and several more in the basement of the tower. The three above ground are:

  • A portal into Bellevue which places you in the center of the garrison.
  • A portal to the last location your character occupied before death. If your character has never died, or in "Hard Core" mode, this portal brings you back to Haven.
  • A portal to the beginning of the Underworld Campaign, near the Dwarven Ruins. This portal is located at the far end of the peninsula opposite the tower.

The portals in the tower basement are (clockwise starting with the portal immediately to your left at the foot of the ladder):

  • To the Valley of Zhurag-Nar (just to the north of the Zhurag portal)
  • To Silver Creek (on the road towards Bravesbury; just past the road sign). If you step straight west, you will trigger the Minotaur.
  • The next room contains no portal.
  • To the lava plains of Alkazaba noc Draco, just north of the path up from the desert.
  • Into the desert, south of Urkenburgh.
  • Into the swamp, near Gloomoor.
  • To Mascarell
  • To Icecreek Pass, north and across the creek from the Icecreek portal.
  • To [Braverock Castle|Braverock Castle]], near the path down the hill at the south end of the castle area.
  • To the solitude of Shaddar-Nur (the western entrance to the "Spider Desert".)

The three portals to Zhurag, Icecreek and Mascarell place you very close to a regular portal.

The two portals to Mascarell and Braverock Castle are "safe", in that no enemies will be encountered upon exiting.

Through the double doors to your right are six more portals to the Underworld regions (continuing clockwise):

Additionally, Haven Isle is a destination portal for both the Ancarian and Underworld portal sets. From any portal you may instantly transport back to Haven. Your character will appear in the center of the isle, where you appear at the start of a game.