Sacred 2:HolosBrothers Guide to Buff Suits, How to achieve max buff benefits without the regen penalty

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HolosBrothers Guide to Buff Suits, How to achieve max buff benefits without the regen penalty

By locolagarto and Furian67

So here we are on a Beautiful Memorial Day afternoon, and the sky turns dark. The clouds have rolled in and the thunder and lightening have started. All of a sudden down comes the rain, and the lightening seems to be hitting right outside the house and OUT GO THE LIGHTS! Now, lights we can live without, but no internet or computer.... NO SACRED!

So here is Furian67 and I sitting in the living room, both of us browsing away on our smart phones ( Driod vs. iPhone). (DarkMatters of course!) And we start to discuss whatever comes to mind. The conversation goes to buff suits. Furian has been an avid buff suit builder ever since Console. I haven't ever really had any interest. So covertly, Furian starts to passively lead me towards some self discovery. But we can't test any of his assertions...but wait!

I quickly remember the laptop runs on battery power so we have something to do until the electric comes back! Furian is convinced that you get all the benefits of a boosted buff even after you remove all the boosters. I had experienced this before with using a sword and shield socketed with +all skills, but never took it to the limit of imagination.

So I quickly start a LAN session on the laptop (with no internet, and running on battery power) with a level 200 test High elf.

The Idea

Basically if a player takes any Armor or Weapons with sockets and adds Niobium Runes to the socket, the runes act as +6 Combat art. If Buff Runes are used in Gear it effectively raises the CA level of the Buff. Along with the CA level, all the mods and bonuses of the Buff increase as well. Ultimately however the Regeneration penalty to all Combat arts also goes up with the level of the buff.

However, the Buffs are a permanent spell. They stay up until they are deactivated. Removing the + Combat Art boosters does not lower the level the buff was cast at. So..........

By removing the Boosters from the buff it does, however, remove the Regen Penalty. This effectively gives back the Regens to be used by Attack Combat arts.

The Test

I set the test subject up as follows:

Arrant Pyromancer Lore = 75

Arrant Pyromancer Focus = 75

Delphic Arcane Lore = 75

Delphic Arcane Focus = 75

Concentration = 1

1 rune into Incandescent Skin (Modded for inferno, revenge, ardor) and oops! 2 runes into Grand Invigoration(Modded for Pyro, life energy, resilience).

Without Buff Suits

With no armor on and both buffs on I have these bonuses from the Sigma:

Chance to reflect: Close combat = 25.2%

Fire mitigation = 20.2%

Fire Damage = +52%

HP Regen = 25.5/s

Detrimental magic effects = 23.4%

Regen Pyro = -10.7%

Regen = -10.7%

Regen Pyro = -29.5%

With Buff Suits

Now I built 2 buff suites.

1. Full Pyro set socketed with all Niob Incandescent Skin Runes = +106 to Fire skin

2. Full Delphic set with all Niob Grand Invigoration Runes = +176 to GI

Next I equip each suit and cast the buff, rinse and repeat.

Now with no gear on but with both buffs on from boosted suits:

Chance to reflect: close Combat = 53%

Fire mitigation = 40%

Fire damage = 250.6%

HP regen = 937.5sec

Detrimental Magic Effects = -39.3%

Regen pyro = -55.7%

Regen = -55.7%

Regen Pyro = - 70.6%

Regen penalty from Fireskin after buff suit is 1.3%


So we were able to get CA level 100 buff bonuses from level 1 Buffs. This is merely 1 example of the benefits of a buff suit. Imagine a Warding Energy buff with level 100 benefits with on level 1 regen penalty or Grim Resilience with level 100 bonuses with level 1 regen penalty. The options are endless, and this would allow one to raise CA levels of spells and attacks even higher with less penalties from Buffs. In combination with RpH, this could honestly make for some really powerful builds.

Niob level Runes are +6 to the CA and are level 50 when socketed into gear. Plat are plus 4 with level 35 when socked. See the Wiki page here for more details on Runes.

Woo hoo! the power is back on and Furian67 just bolted for his computer!


A buff suit can be made from any kind of gear with sockets in it, as well as a weapon and shield with sockets. +all All Skill can be added as well to gear or booster slots(in armor screen) to raise the focus level of the buff.

1. it seems that with only 1 Rune read into a Buff. Such as Incandescent Skin, runes or + Combat Arts are the most effective.

2. With Buffs with many Runes read, or even maxed out to 200, +All Skills (When there is an Aspect Focus skill Present) are most effective.

Originally published at DarkMattersfor review and discussion.

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