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Area of effect or AoE in Sacred 2 refers to combat arts that exhibit the following characteristic:

  • Capable of effecting any number of enemies (or allies) that are within its range.

Non-area of Effect combat arts may sometimes be modified by combat art modification choices and turned into Area of Effect combat arts. Many Area of Effect combat arts also do damage over time as well.

Innate Area of Effect Combat Arts

Drymini.png Dryad

Mini DRY Asp 01.png Capricious Hunter DRdd.gif Dust Devil

Mini DRY Asp 03.png Nature Weaver DRel.gif Edaphic Lances

Seramini.png Seraphim

Mini Sera Asp 02.png Celestial Magic SErp.gif Radiant Pillar

buffSEcb.gif Cleansing Brilliance (Buff)

Mini Sera Asp 03.png Revered Technology SEfn.gif Flaring Nova

HEmini.png High Elf

Mini HE Asp 01.png Arrant Pyromancer HEbt.gif Blazing Tempest

HEis-2.gif Incendiary Shower

buffHEis.gif Incandescent Skin (Buff)

Mini HE Asp 03.pngMystic Stormite HErn.gif Raging Nimbus

Mini HE Asp 02.png Delphic Arcania HEem.gif Expulse Magic

Inqmini.png Inquisitor

Mini INQ Asp 01.png Gruesome Inquisition INrm.gif Ruthless Mutilation

Mini INQ Asp 02.png Astute Supremacy INla.gif Levin Array

INcm.gif Clustering Maelstrom

Mini INQ Asp 03.png Nefarious Netherworld INpd.gif Paralyzing Dread

INed.gif Eruptive Desecration

SWmini.png Shadow Warrior

Mini SW Asp 01.png Death Warrior SWss.gif Scything Sweep

Mini SW Asp 02.png Malevolent Champion SWbv.gif Belligerent Vault

SWag.gif Augmenting Guidon

SWks.gif Killing Spree

Mini SW Asp 03.png Astral Lord SWrs.gif Rallied Souls

TGmini.png Temple Guardian

Mini TG Asp 01.png Devout Guardian TGds.gif Deathly Spears

Mini TG Asp 02.png Lost Fusion TGfem.gif Furious Emblazer

TGab.gif Archimedes Beam

TGpl.gif Propelled Levitation

Mini TG Asp 03.png Source Warden TGfe.gif Fiery Ember

TGie.gif Icy Evanescence

TGcg.gif Charged Grid

buffTGuf.gif Untouchable Force (Buff)

DMmini.png Dragon Mage

Mini DM Asp 01.png Dragon Magic DMds.gif Dragon Strike

DMfireodem.gif Fire Odem

Mini DM Asp 02.png Elemental Magic DMgw.gif Gust of Wind

DMd.gif Destroyer

DMt.gif Tornado

DMmb.gif Magic Barrier

Mini DM Asp 03.png Mentalism DMeb.gif Energy Blaze

DMm.gif Maelstrom

buffDMr.gif Runes of Protection (Buff)

Area of Effect Combat Arts via Modifications

DRri.gif Ravaged Impact (mod 3a - Blast)

DRff.gif Forest Flight (mod 1b - Roots)

DRtv.gif Tangled Vine (mod 3a - Encroach)

HEff.gif Frost Flare (mod 3a - Icy Circle)

buffHEcs.gif Crystal Skin (buff)(mod 1a - Freeze)

HEcs-1.gif Cobalt Strike (mod 3a - Explosion)

HEmc.gif Magic Coup (mod 3b - Stray Damage)

HEss.gif Shadow Step (mod 3a - Explosion)

INrt.gif Raving Thrust (mod 2a - Relay)

buffINrp.gif Reverse Polarity (buff)(mod 1b - Sphere)

INds.gif Dislodged Spirit (mod 3b - Wildfire)

SEas.gif Assailing Somersault (mod 2b - Impetus)

buffSEbs.gif Battle Stance (buff - bless to allies)(mod 3a - Idol)

SEaw.gif Archangel's Wrath (mod 2a - Explosive)

SWdb.gif Demonic Blow (mod 1b - Vehemence)

SWrc.gif Rousing Command (bless to allies)(mod 3b - Leader)

buffSWre.gif Reflective Emanation (buff - bless to allies)(mod 3b - Idol)


DMms.gif Mind Strike (mod 2b - Expansion)

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