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In Celestial Dome you can find the below services. See Map Icons:


The Celestial Dome is an amazing construction by the High Elves. It is an observatory placed in the top of a hill in the western Tyr Lysia region. The High Elf Council sent their best astronomer, the Chief Astronomer Nomengalus, to let him research the skies in the best work conditions.

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The Celestial Dome can be reached by walking north from Sloeford. An alternative way to get there is going through the Western Tyr Lysia portal (or the Monolith next to it), and then walking north/northeast from there.

Also the Twainbrook Monolith is a good place to reach the Celestial Dome from. In that case, the player should walk east to finally arrive at the Celestial Dome.

The Forgotten Gardens and Noriath Temple each have a one way small portal that will take you here as well.


The only enemies in The Celestial Dome surrounding lands are Kobolds and wild boars. They can be found in the nearby lands next to the river.

There are also three mutant boars that are involved in the final part of the Eye in the Sky chain quest.

Interesting Photos

Top view of the dome
Inside the dome
The entrance tunnel
The gardens outside


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