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Icon_173.png Goddess of Philosophy and Wisdom (Light)

Forens' divine wisdom fills the hero with inspiration and insight.

Divine Gift

Inspiration – For a brief period, all damage taken will be reflected back to the attacker, who consequently harms himself.

Her book

There is an in-game book that describes the legends and beliefs about Forens. This book is entitled Book 3 - Forens, Goddess of Philosophy.


Statues of Forens can be found all over Ancaria. Praying near them helps the characters to partially regenerate her Divine Gift - Inspiration.
Have a look through the SacredWiki Map to find out where her statues are located.

God Quests

There are several quests in game that are dedicated to the player character's chosen Deity. The ones dedicated to Forens are:

Possible references for this Deity's name or background

  • Her name was probably derived from the english word 'Forensic', or latin 'Forensis', that have the same meaning.