Sacred 2:Nether Allegiance

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15.gif The Shadow Warrior is able to conjure spectral soldiers to accompany him. These apparitions will remain until they are extinguished.


SW_Asp_03.png - Astral Lord


MODicons_12.gif Bronze
  • Accomplice - Summons an additional soldier. (+1)
  • Sharp Blades - The spectral soldiers inflict more damage. (???)

MODicons_10.gif Silver
  • Commander - Summons another additional soldier. (+1)
  • Spectral Shield - Equip summoned soldier with greatly enhanced shields. (???)

MODicons_08.gif Gold
  • Balm - Increase life regeneration of the spectral soldiers. (50% increase)
  • Elite Equipment - Upgrades the spectral soldiers' armor. (7.5% + 5.5% per CA level (?))

Skills And Attributes That Affect This Combat Art


Usage Strategies

  • Use Nether Allegiance along with Reflective Emanation and/or Rousing Command (both have mods to affect the whole party), as well as Augmenting Guidon.

Pros and Cons


  • More units to do damage
  • Taking damage for you


  • Roams around freely, usually not attacking the same unit you do
  • Attracts unnecessary attention from other enemy units

Stats Chart

No modifications, no skills, naked, all stats between 25 and 35 (i.e. a nearly-new character).

Level +Regen %, All CAs Spectral Soldier Level # of Spectral Soldiers
1 56.3 4 2
2 84.5 4 2