Sacred:A Demon Called Mirkon

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  • Quest Giver: Master Baker
  • Location(s): Purgatori
  • Prerequisite Quest:
  • Next Quest:
  • Reward: Random item & cookies

Quick Walkthrough

Talk to the Master Baker, find Mirkon down the path through the gates and fight him, get him an antidote to get the special spice then go to the Master Baker to complete the quest.

Detailed Walkthrough

Go talk to the Master Baker in the second house up the path past the Combo Master shop to start "A demon called Mirkon" then run further up the path, over the bridge, turn right and keep running right around the houses until you find the gates, go through them and you will find Mirkon futher down the path (as you will see the blue icon on your map).

Fight with him and then he will surrender, talk to him and he will tell you to go to the alchamist to get him an antidote for him as he accidently turned himself into a demon, he teleports away and will meet you in the nearby cave. Go back into the village to where the blue icon is, talk to the alcamist then go back to Mirkon, give him the antidote and he will give you the spice. Go back to the Master Baker who gave you the quest, talk to him and you will get some cookies as a quest reward. Then give the cookies to mother Carolyn to complete "Cookies for the Marquis".

Logbook Entry

Retrieve the Master Baker's spice from Mirkon.

A demon called Mirkon has raided the bakery and stolen a valuable spice.

The Master Baker has promised to bake his best cookies for me if i retrieve his spice from Mirkon.


You may need to click on a certain place to open the gates near the path leading to Mirkon. This quest needs to be completed for the "Cookies for the Marquis" quest as one of the quest rewards is cookies from the Master Baker.

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