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Sacred Underworld Highscore Ladder Contest! - May 5th 2007 Ascaron announces new global ladder contest! Duration: Contest Closes Thursday 31st May, 23:59 GMT+1 Carolyn_Hacker Intl. Sacred Community Manager Dear Community We're very excited to announce our first official ladder contest! The goal of this contest is to be the person to attain the most ladder points during the month of May. The winner will be the Underworld server player with the highest number of ladder points accumulated in May. Contestants may play in either hardcore or softcore mode. In addition to the pure thrill of the competition, there will also be a highly coveted prize! The lucky winner will receive one of the gorgeous, limited edition Sacred 2 banners. The winner will be informed as soon as possible in June after the contest ends. Good luck to everyone taking part! The Sacred Team

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