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Gladiator Combat Arts



th_gat.png Quick succession of different attacks. More info


th_gaw.png An awe-inspiring effect that pushes back all nearby opponents within a short radius.


th_gbbr.png The opponent takes damage and loses consciousness for a short time.

Combat Kick

th_gcki.png This powerful kick causes additional damage, throwing the opponent back.

Dagger Stare

th_gdst.png Looks can indeed kill. This skill gives the Gladiator an aura of spikes. Nearby opponents suffer damage.

Fist of the Gods

th_gfogo.png A powerful punch that inflicts severe damage on the target and nearby opponents.


Hard Hit

th_ghhi.png Extremely strong attack on an opponent. More info

Heroic Courage

th_ghco.png A shimmering aura of battle lust which increases the Gladiator’s attack and defense values.


th_gmhi.png An attack on all opponents within range.

Stomping Jump

th_gsju.png A powerful jump. The ground shakes upon impact, nearby opponents take damage and are briefly stunned.

Throwing Blades

th_gtbl.png The Gladiator hurls his bladed weapon(s) against the opponent. The weapon then falls to the ground.