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Combat Arts are the basic game-play units in Underworld and are commonly called CA's by many players.They are the equivalent of skills and spells in other games. There are a number of Combat Arts in Sacred, with each player being able to equip up to a maximum of 5 combat arts at a time. Combat Arts can be found by the game character in the form of runes which are dropped by monsters after killing them, and as rewards after completing quests. In multiplay mode, runes can be, as well, traded from other player characters. They are "learned" or read by clicking upon them or socketing them into armor or weapons. Clicking on runes activates the next level of the CA, but also comes with the commensurate amount of regeneration needed before that combat art can be used again. Socketing the rune will, as well, give you an additional level of that specific combat art but at only 1/3 the increase in regeneration time. The higher the level of a combat art, the stronger the effect. With the relevant capability, this effect can be balanced out.

In the world of Ancaria, again and again you will find combat arts and magic spells that your hero cannot use. These can be exchanged with a Combo Master.

Swap Ratio

2:1 Random runes of all classes

3:1 Random runes of one's own class

4:1 Any desired runes of one's own class (When four runes are placed for exchange, the rune to be created will be shown. You can select the desired rune with the arrow keys)

By Character Class