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Vampiress Combat Arts


Vampire Transformation

k_transformation.png Transformation into vampire form. (Put this in a combo, thus, when used it will automatically regenerate. Thus, when your TiV runs out, you may recast it without waiting for regeneration. This makes for a perma-vamp.)

v_transformation.png Transformation into knightly form. (Useful to dissipate your Awakened Dead before returning to Haven Isle)

Mind Control

k_mindcontrol.png v_mindcontrol.png

Opponents are stunned and remain rooted in place for a short time.

Wolf Call

k_wolfcall.png v_wolfcall.png

A vampire wolf appears as a companion.

Time Control

k_timecontrol.png v_timecontrol.png

Extremely rapid movement in a straight line.

Whirling Claws

k_whirlingclaws.png Multi-hit with weapon against all opponents within range.

v_whirlingclaws.png Melee attack with whirling claws, causing damage to all opponents within range.

Claws of Death

k_clawsofdeath.png Particularly heavy blow with a weapon.

v_clawsofdeath.png Precisely aimed blow with claws, causing severe damage.

Ripping Claws

k_rippingclaws.png Rapid sequence of attacks.

v_rippingclaws.png Very rapid sequence of numerous claw attacks. (The preferred melee move used by most Perma-vamps)

Combat Kick/Vampiress

k_combatkick.png A hard kick throws the opponent back and causes damage.

v_combatkick.png Significantly increased melee damage, opponent is pushed back.

Arts Available only in Vampire Form

Blood Bite


Sucks life out of an opponent and transfers it to the Vampiress. (Too small to do more than tickle opponents to come to you.)

Master Bite


Changes the opponent temporarily into a groveling servant who supports the Vampiress in battle. (And who cannot be attacked by the Vampiress while under the Master Bite effects.)

Claw Jump


Predator type jump. Opponents at target location suffer damage and are dazed for a short time. (Good for travel and often used with split.)

Blood Kiss


Echo of the Blood God, whose kisses pursue all opponents within range, causing severe damage. (Weakens opponents damage dealt and their resistances. Basically softens up opponents and has a will of it's own. Trigger for Orla/Fads)

Awaken Dead


Transforms a body into an allied vampire. (These weaker vampires have a chance to convert opponents to weak vampires with each hit. The Awakened disappear the next time the Vampiress TiKs (Turns into Knight).

Bats: Blood Swarm


Battle bats surround the Vampiress and powerfully attack all opponents in range. (Meat Shield type 3)

Bats: Confusion


Robust bats circle the Vampiress, attacking opponents within range. They cause little damage, but effectively distract opponents. (Meat Shield type 4.)

Bats: Guard


These bats are trained to catch ranged projectiles and even absorb spells with their bodies to protect the Vampiress. (Meat Shield type 5.)