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A monster with a soul. Once "living" only to prey on her former kind, now (in her own words) the "Enhanced Knight" may use her powers for good or evil.


The Vampiress in full Thorwyn's Relics gear, Knight Form, with Vampiric Wolf Companion and Bats: Confusion.

Unsurpassed Melee Fighter

She has two forms: as a white-haired knight--or as a raven-haired diabolically enhanced expert martial artist.


Her armor and most of her garments become ethereal when she is transformed into the Vampiress. She becomes rubenesque in form and her nails turn into claws. Claws that she joyfully uses to rip her opponents apart. While a Vampiress, her weapons and shield disappear from sight, yet are still active at adding to damage and defense. She gains dual wielding from her claws... and ranged capability is lost. That is, she becomes a melee fighter only...but a formidable one! If underground or at night, her claws will start to glow with each successful hit. The brighter the glow, the higher the damage bonus.

Most players have opted to use the Vampiress as a melee only "Perma-vamp". That is, they make a combo of the "Turn in Vampire" combat art and use it to transform to Vampiress form. They hunt underground or in caves or the ghost grove during the day, and anywhere in Ancaria at night.

The melee combat bonuses are so great that many players create a Vampiress character to use a "rune farmer". That is, they read 1 rune in Attack, and never read any other runes for the character. Using only this 1 rune read, and boosted by any equipment found along the way, the Vampiress can reach character level 216.

There are two main reasons for this. One is the combat power-up she receives in vamp form; the other is her combat runes come with the ability "3% of damage dealt is converted to life", commonly known at lifeleech, or ll. Lifeleech at 18% or higher coupled with the high damage dealt by the vampiress makes her immortal, and VERY easy to play.

Easy to play and powerful. Very strong lures to follow the melee path.

Couple that with "Thain's Axe of Flames" (found near Mascarell by an isolated grave in the woods) and you have an ghost/undead slaying machine. Since ghosts and undead are high XP monsters, they make natural prey for the melee vamp.

Sunlight vs Vampires

Her Vampiress form is available to her at any time, however, she pays a price for using it during the day, above ground. She suffers from sunburn every few seconds that her Vampiress skin is exposed to sunlight. Each pulse takes a certain percentage of her life away. The higher her level of "Turn into Vampiress" compared to her Skill level in Vampirism, the higher the damage from sunlight.

She may take refuge from the sun in Vampiress form in any cave or dungeon.


Vampiress taking damage from sunlight, surrounded by her creatures.

The Vampiress is a hybrid fighter. During the day she is a skilled warrior favoring the cold steel of swords and axes; during the night she transforms into a ruthless vampire. She rips at her victims with her claws and brings forth terrifying followers with her kisses of blood.

The Necromantic Summoner

The Vampiress has more tricks up her sleeve than supreme pwnage in melee combat. She also is a necromancer and summoner. While in knight form she has access to half her powers. However, when transformed into the vampiress, she as complete access to all her combat arts and vampire arts.

Her permanent summons are: Wolf, Bats: Blood Swarm (attack bats), Bats: Confusion (dizzy bats) and Bats: Guard (blocker bats). The wolf may be summoned in either form, the bats can only be summoned by the Vampiress. These summons will remain until killed. The wolf will have Base Level plus 6 creature levels / 2 levels of "Wolf Call" during the night and 5 creature levels / 2 levels of "Wolf Call" during the day. It is a Vampiric Wolf Companion after all! (The basevalue is based on your character's level.)

She may also summon (using a cool spinning pentagram) a spirit to inhabit the bodies of the very recently slain. This is called Awaken Dead. She must be quick to Awaken her slain opponent or the chance to reanimate it is lost. In time she will grow an army of followers with a maximum of 20 at any given time. Each of these Awakened is considered to be a vampire and has a chance of converter an opponent to vampire with each hit.

One very clever way to start a necromancer is to summon the wolf companion twice in a row. The original summons dies once the second wolf appears... and a quick necromancer can Awaken this wolf companion.

The Awakened army will disappear when the Vampiress "Turn into Knight"s in puffs of black smoke. This can leave a summoner very use of the Wolf Call is recommended.

Also: the Awakened are potentially dangerous to party members in multi player. If damaged, an Awakened One will attack in self-defense. The Awakened are able to damage players on Haven Isle so Summoners are recommended to "Turn into Knight" before returning to Haven Isle (this will slay the Awakened).


Here we see the Vampiress with 4 Awakened monsters and her Wolf Companion and a Bat of each kind. While not in combat, the bats circle the Vampiress patiently.

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