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Soaring Daemon / Descent


Soaring Daemon

In this form, the Daemon can fly for a short period of time and her speed is increased. Her defense also increases, however, she will be more susceptible to ranged weapons and to special effects against soaring opponents.


In the form of a Soaring Daemon, the Daemon swoops and dive-bombs an opponent, inflicting severe damage. Nearby opponents may also sustain slight damage as a bonus.

Battle Daemon / Assail


Battle Daemon

The Daemon changes into a Battle Daemon. In this form, she has white particle hair and a shimmering white aura. Physical damage and resistance are greatly increased.


In the form of a Battle Daemon the Daemon carries out a quick series of attacks on an opponent.

Fire Daemon / Wall of Flames


Fire Daemon

This form is indicated by a red aura with red particle hair. Whenever the Daemon takes this form, she has increased resistance to fire and some of the physical damage is converted into fire damage.

Wall of Flames

As a Fire Daemon, this Combat Art transforms into a ball of fire that bursts open upon impact and covers an area with blazing fire.

Poison Daemon / Poison Ring


Poison Daemon

The Daemon changes into a Poison Daemon, as indicated by green particle hair and aura. While the Daemon is in this form, she has increased poison resistance and some of the physical damage is converted into poison damage.

Poison Ring

A poisonous cloud spreads in a circle from the Poison Daemon. All nearby opponents that are hit by it are poisoned. Although the cloud dissolves quickly, the poison effect lingers on.

Energy Daemon / Charged Bolts


Energy Daemon

Blue particle hair and a blue aura surrounding the equipment indicate the form of an Energy Daemon. In this form, resistance to magic is greatly increased and some of the physical damage is converted to magical damage.

Charged Bolts

The Energy Daemon hurls several Charged Bolts forward in a spreading pattern. The higher the Combat Art level, the greater the number of bolts.

Hell Magic

Blazing Disc


The Daemon hurls a flaming disc that circles opponents, hindering and damaging them. If no living enemies are in range, the disc returns to the Daemon and attacks again when an enemy approaches.

Call of Death


This magic spell draws the souls of the dead into the Daemon's weapon. The current weapon becomes more charged with every soul and thus inflicts additional damage. This effect will decrease if the weapon is not fed fresh souls.

Infernal Power


For a short time, the Daemon's weapon and shield are on fire. This greatly increases the attack value with opponents suffering additional fire damage.

Hell Sphere


The Daemon conjures up a ball of flames that fires a long-range stream of fire against all enemies surrounding her. To do so, the Hell Sphere must avail itself of the Daemon's senses.



While the aura is active, tentacles grow up from the ground when an opponent is killed, dealing both poison and magic damages to nearby enemies. The corpses of the victims are dilacerated.

Abysmal Choir


The Abysmal Choir of hell serves to confuse the Daemon's enemies. All opponents within range are slightly injured and slowed down.



A terror-inducing scream greatly reduces the attack and defense values of all opponents. The radius of the effect is marked by sound waves on the ground.