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decent.png In this form, the Daemon can fly for a short period of time and her speed is increased. Her defense also increases, however, she will be more susceptible to ranged weapons and to special effects against soaring opponents. Unlike the other Daemon forms, Descent "breaks" Soaring Daemon. There are many benefits to using her little wings. First and foremost, obstacle-hopping power. Depending on how much you've invested into the Soaring form, you can fly across large bodies of water (within certain limits, as I have discovered) and reach patches of dry land unavailable to all the other characters, even teleporting Battle Mages. If it's not on the screen, he can't reach it. Not so for the Daemon!

Secondly, Soaring Form is the only way a Daemon can boost her defense rating beyond skills, items and equipment. This is an important factor to consider when you reach the higher difficulty levels. The more defense you have, the better.

Thirdly - and this is a synergy - while Soaring, the Daemon enjoys an incredibly high rate of fire (ROF) using the only ranged weapon she can use in the game: crossbows. The difference between the ROF while Soaring and on foot is remarkable. Experience it for yourself and you will agree: the Daemon makes an excellent medieval jet fighter.

And finally, there is the trivial matter of the Descent attack of the Soaring Form, by far this author's favorite Daemonic combat move. The attack is absolutely devastating...combined with spells such as Infernal Power and Call of Death, only Dragons and other healthpoint-wealthy targets can hope to survive a direct hit. The area of effect is a great boon, enabling a Soaring Daemon to wipe out groups of monsters, complete with their boss, in a single attack. By far the best tactic: target the boss, who is usually in the midst of a group. Dive-bomb and witness their pitiful deaths.


Soaring Daemon lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Defense 15% 260% 510% 760% 1010%
Speed +10 +108 +208 +308 +408
Duration 30s 79s 129s 179s 180s