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The Daemon changes into a Battle Daemon. In this form, she has white particle hair and a shimmering white aura. Physical damage and resistance are greatly increased. Battle Daemon form is the only form that adds to the total damage done by the Daemon. Therefore, spells are affected accordingly (Blazing Discs will inflict additional physical damage). Also, Battle Daemon is the only form that increases her attack rating. In concert with Infernal Power, the Daemon enjoys a tremendous boost in attack power.

A particularly devastating tactic for a Daemon in Battle form is the employment of claws and knuckles in combat. Note that the Daemon cannot specialize in the weapon skill these weapons fall under. The weapon skill in question is Blade Combat (the exclusive realm of the Dark Elf). However, the Daemon is unnaturally fast when using these weapons...faster than she is with any melee weapon at the maximum speed possible in the game (220)! Whether she uses one of these weapons and a shield, or dual wields, the effect is devastating. Another item worth noting: these weapons normally feature a bonus to their physical damage along with a set amount they inflict. This bonus is usually a percentage amount of one of the statistics, usually Dexterity. In Battle Daemon form, she adds even more damage...with Infernal Power active, add additional fire damage!


Damage Type(s): % Bonus to Physical

Resistance Type(s): Physical

Battle Daemon lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Attack 19% 264% 514% 764% 1014%
Physical Damage +19% +264% +514% +764% +1014%
Physical Resistance +30 +1010 +2010 +3010 +4010
Duration 45s 94s 144s 180s 180s