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Runes are small tokens representing the character abilities that are classified as Combat Arts. Each rune represents a single art, and correspondingly, each art is represented by a single rune. Runes may be "read" (right click with the mouse) to either acquire a new ability, or to increase the level of a current ability. Additionally, Runes may be socketed into equipment. When socketed, a rune provides a secondary bonus to the character, in addition to the increased level of ability.

Runes are specific to each class of character in that they may only be "read" by the designated character in order to acquire the ability represented, and when socketed, the increased level only applies to the designated character. The secondary benefit, however, is granted to all character classes. In illustration, here is an example rune description:


flameskin.png Bonus when Socketed into Equipment

Flameskin +1
Experience Gained from Monsters +3%

Only a Battle Mage will be granted Flameskin +1, and only if the character has read at least one Flameskin rune, but all characters will earn Experience Gained from Monsters +3%

There is one exception to this – some Combat Arts are shared by multiple character classes, Attack, Hard Hit and Multi Hit. Socketing a Gladiator Attack rune will increase a Seraphim's Attack ability as well. In the world of Ancaria, again and again you will find combat arts and magic spells that your hero cannot use. These can be exchanged with a Combo Master.

Swap Ratio

2:1 Random rune of all classes

3:1 Random rune of one's own class

4:1 Any desired rune of one's own class (When four runes are placed for exchange, the rune to be created will be shown. You can select the desired rune with the arrow keys)

Secondary Rune Characteristics

+10% to Attack and Defense (Wood Elf)

  • Explosive Arrow, Eye for an Eye, Hard Hit, Knockback Arrow, Multi Hit, Multiple Shot, Penetrating Arrow, Spider Arrow

+10% to all Resistances (Wood Elf)

  • Call of the Ancestors, Companion of the Woods, Plant Cage, Poisoned Tendrils, Quick as a Flash, Recuperation, Thorn Bush, Transformation

Banish Undead: +2 (Daemon)

  • Battle Deamon, Energy Deamon, Fire Deamon, Poison Deamon, Soaring Daemon

Chance to Trap Flying Opponents: +10% (Dark Elf)

  • Cobra, Combat Kick, Mongoose, Pak-Dain, Pak-Nakor, Rage, Revenge, Soul Catcher, Sudden Fury

Chance to trap flying opponents 10% (Seraphim)

  • Combat Jump, BeeEffGee, Hunter-Seeker, Whirling Hit

Constitution: +2 (Gladiator)

  • Awe, Back-Breaker, Dagger Stare, Fist of the Gods, Heroic Courage, Stomping Jump, Throwing Blades

Experience Gained from Monsters +3% (Battle Mage)

  • Fireball, Flameskin, Circle of Fear, Meteor Storm, Lightning Strike, Phase Shift, Ring of Ice, Water Form, Ghost Meadow, Reiki

Extended Night +10% (Vampiress)

  • Awaken Dead, Blood Bite, Blood Kiss, Master Bite

Fire Damage: +10% (Daemon)

  • Abysmal Choir, Blazing Disc, Call of Death, Dread, Hell Sphere, Infernal Power, Tentacles

For Attack and Defense: +10% (Dark Elf)

  • Adrenaline, Battle Fog, Bottomless Pit, Confusion, Explosive Charge, Poison Mist, Testosterone

For Attack and Defense: +10% (Vampiress)

  • Bats: Blood Swarm, Bats: Confusion, Bats: Guard, Claw Jump

Increased Light Radius +30 (Seraphim)

  • Light

Magic Damage +10% (Seraphim)

  • Rotating Blades of Light, Light Shield, Celestial Light, Strength of Faith, Energy Bolts

Regeneration Spells +10% (Battle Mage)

  • Fire Spiral, Purgatory, Petrification, Stoneskin, Gust of Wind, Whirlwind, Cataract of Agility, Ice Shards, Shield Wall, Spiritual Healing

Regeneration Special Move: +10% (Gladiator)

  • Attack, Combat Kick, Hard Hit, Multi Hit

Regeneration Special Move +10% (Seraphim)

  • Multi Hit, Hard Hit, Attack, Combat Kick

Regeneration Spells +10% (Seraphim)

  • Irritation, Conversion, Lightning Bolt

Spell Resistance: +2 (Dwarf)

  • Cannon Blast,Dwarven Armor, Entrench, Flame Thrower, Greed, Landmine, Mortar Grenade

Split: +1% (Dwarf)

  • Dwarven Steel

Wounds Increase Damage Dealt: +10% (Dwarf)

  • Assault, Battle Rage, Heavy Blow, Wrath, Recoil, Vehemence, War Cry