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shhi.png The Seraphim concentrates and strikes at her opponent with a single, heavy blow, inflicting severe damage on her enemy. Hard Hit will is a melee strike, and will manifest itself with whichever weapon or ranged weapon the seraphim is using. Hard Hit's damage scales very quickly, with regeneration that almost compares to that of a Gladiator's. Since it's regeneration is relatively easy to keep low, a seraphim can strike over and over, each time hoping for a massive amount of damage. This one strike is usually enough to take out most enemies if the level read is high enough. Hard Hit will also increase the seraphim's attack rate, thereby increase her chance to land a successful blow. As this is one large blow rather than a number of successive blows as Attack...there is only opportunity for the monster's resistance to overcome the hit once, thereby increasing the chance of dealing a blow with a large amount of damage.

Usage Strategies

  • Use a Combo of four Hard Hits in a row. This makes for a speedy attack on a monster while dealing out prodigious damage.
  • Combine Hard Hit with Combat Jump. This will result in a massive single strike being delivered right after the delivery of a Combat Jump strike after landing.

Pros and Cons


  • Damage scales very quickly...first level of rune read will increase damage by 100 %
  • Will also increase the seraphim's Attack Rate...first level of rune read will increase Attack Rate to + 42 %
  • Regeneration rate for this Combat Art is very low...hence it can be raised quickly with just reading runes and using Physical Regeneration and Concentration to keep the regeneration at manageable levels.


  • Because Hard Hit is only one blow, a miss will rob the seraphim of both damage as well as possible Life Leech. Compare this to Attack which will bring in six blows with Life Leech being possible on each one, only using Life Leech can have the effect of producing a seraphim that may have her life drop quickly because of the lack of damage being produced from successive hits. Make sure that Rotating Blades of Light is in use at the same to recoup Life that is lost this way.