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Combat Arts



A combination attack consisting of blows, kicks and head butts.

Musket: Several shots fired in succession. The target is automatically switched if the opponent dies.

Battle Rage


A state of frenzy in which the speed of fighting increases up to a maximum with every hit. The rage state decreases in intensity when the Dwarf does not fight. Injuries sustained by the Dwarf increase damage.

Musket: The higher the charge, the more rapidly shots are fired.

Heavy Blow


A strong blow inflicted on an opponent while the Dwarf jumps in the air.

Musket: Increased damage, blast passes through the opponent.



Only works with two-handed weapons. The opponent is pushed back by a mighty blow and takes damage. Every enemy hit by the affected opponent also takes damage. Large opponents are not thrown very far.



Only works with two-handed weapons. The target takes severe damage. Surrounding opponents may also be partially wounded.

War Cry


A piercing scream increases one’s own attack and defense values as well as those of all allies (party members or hirelings) for a certain amount of time.



The Dwarf spins in a circle, attacking every enemy in range.

Musket: The Dwarf spins in a circle, firing a shot at every enemy in range.

Dwarven Technology

Cannon Blast


Fires a projectile from his back in a straight trajectory that explodes into many small splinters, damaging the target and confusing all opponents within range.

Dwarven Armor


Increases the Dwarf’s fire and poison resistances. This is displayed by a glowing red and green circle on the ground surrounding the Dwarf. The aura gradually weakens over time.

Dwarven Steel


The weapon glows for a period of time. During this time, the opponent's physical resistance is greatly reduced. With every hit, the weapon lights up. Over time, the glow decreases until it completely dies down.



The Dwarf digs in deep, thus increasing his defensive values such as resistances and defense. On the other hand, he cannot move - and will only remain entrenched for a short while.

Flame Thrower


Shoots a stream of liquid fire from his backpack. The fire sets any enemy on fire, but also dies down very quickly.



The Dwarf’s attention strays from the fight and thus, from his defense. Chances finding valuable objects the opponent is carrying are increased.



The Dwarf drops several Landmines that explode as soon as an opponent steps on or comes close to one. If the mines are not set off by an enemy, they will detonate automatically after a certain time.

Mortar Grenade


Fires mortar grenades in a ballistic trajectory. These cause tremendous large-scale damage. Due to the minimum range of grenades, these cannot be used for short distances.