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Combat Arts

Eye for an Eye (Attack)


The Wood Elf attacks her opponent with a combination of hits. When she uses this ability with an equipped bow, she will shoot several arrows consecutively at one target.
This is the equivalent of Attack for other character classes.

Hard Hit


The Wood Elf concentrates and strikes at her opponents with a single, heavy blow. When she uses this combat art with an equipped bow, she will execute a precise shot which will inflict severe damage on her opponent.

Multi Hit


This combat art enables the Wood Elf to hit multiple enemies with a single attack during close combat. When she uses this ability with an equipped bow, she will fire multiple arrows strewing them across an area which widens with the distance from targets, possibly covering 360°.

Ranged Attacks

Explosive Arrow


This magic arrow explodes upon impact, thereby imparting greatly enhanced damage to foes, often killing with a single stroke.

Knockback Arrow


This arrow attack stuns the opponent for a short while.

Multiple Shot


The Wood Elf is able to shoot several arrows, strewing them across the area. This combat art can be used in combination with other arrow abilities. Unlike Multi Hit, which acts a single time only, Multiple Shot has a duration and continues to act repeatedly for 20 seconds, every time the bow fires an arrow. When active, your bow has a green "glow" to it. Increased levels add to the quantity of arrows (up to a maximum of 6 at level 18) and to character Attack Rating.

Penetrating Arrow


This arrow will penetrate all opponents in its flight path and inflict damage on each of them. After passing through an enemy, the arrow will change course and seek another or even circle back and re-strike the same enemy – until either its duration expires, or the targeted enemy is dead. The lifetime of the arrows, and their damage bonus both increase with higher levels of the art.

Spider Arrow


The Wood Elf fires an arrow with a cocoon full of spiders attached. When the arrow hits its target, the cocoon bursts and the spiders attack all nearby opponents with poisonous bites. After a while the spiders will dissolve. When Spider Arrow hits, it summons several tiny spiders (number dependant upon Combat Art level) that jump on to the target and/or any nearby monsters and start biting them. As the spiders do the damage, none of the mods on your character (Life Leach, +Magic Find, +damage, etc) have any effect. The spiders do very low damage individually, though they do attack quite quickly & if you combine this CA with Multi Shot (good for # of spiders, very, very bad for lag in MP) you can get vaguely reasonable damage in total. The spiders' levels are capped to your level, so there's not much point in having this CA more than ~1/5 your level. After the initial target is killed, the spiders drop to the ground & will attack a nearby monster, though they don't live for long if they're not attacking. You can kill dragons with this (& MS), as the dragon will try to back away to be able to hit the spiders, but rarely gets far enough to be able to hit them, so it slowly dies will backing away from the spiders.

Magic Spells

Call of the Ancestors


The Wood Elf calls forward the souls of her ancestors. These ghostly creatures will attack nearby opponents and inflict damage on them. Call of the Ancestors cannot be invoked while standing on burned ground.

Companion of the Woods


This spell conjures a unicorn, which will fight alongside the Wood Elf until it dies.

Plant Cage


This spell causes tendrils to break out of the ground, trapping opponents and rooting them to the spot. Stronger opponents will usually be able to free themselves from the tendrils quickly.

Poisoned Tendrils


This spell causes tendrils to break out of the ground, injuring foes with their poisonous thorns.

Quick as a Flash


Calling upon forest magic, the Wood Elf can grant herself brief spurts of speed when needed. This enables her to deal a swift blow in close combat or to better position herself in order to use her bow effectively. Quick as a Flash also increases her Attack Rating.



The Wood Elf draws upon the energy of the forest, regaining life energy, or bestowing its benefits upon her allies. This spell will also cure poison effects.

Thorn Bush


The Wood Elf hurls a poison tumbleweed at opponents, which causes injury to each foe touched. When struck by arrows, the tumbleweeds explode, causing severe poison damage to all nearby.



This spell will transform all enemies close to the Wood Elf into harmless animals, giving the Wood Elf an opportunity to escape from danger. The duration of the transformation depends on the strength of her opponents: an Orc will remain in chicken form longer than a mighty dragon. Transformed opponents may not be attacked while they remain in animal form.