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The Wood Elf is able to shoot several arrows, strewing them across the area. This combat art can be used in combination with other arrow abilities. Unlike Multi Hit, which acts a single time only, Multiple Shot has a duration and continues to act repeatedly for 20 seconds, every time the bow fires an arrow. When active, your bow has a green "glow" to it. Increased levels add to the quantity of arrows (up to a maximum of 6 at level 18) and to character Attack Rating.

Wood Elf Combat Arts

Usage Strategies

Multi-Shot increases the number of arrows your WE fires when she uses her bow, be that when using a CA, or not. Higher levels of the CA will increase the number of arrows you get (max 6 arrows) as well as increase the % hit chance boost. While MS increases the number of arrows you're firing, it also decrease the damage of each individual arrow to 1/x (where x = number of arrows, capped at 3), so if you're getting 4 arrows from MS, you're getting more damage than you would if you weren't using MS.

Certain CAs are affected slightly differently by MS -

Spider Arrow summons spiders when each arrow hits, so the damage reduction from MS doesn't affect it.

Penetrating Arrow does suffer from the damage reduction, until MS runs out, then any PA arrows that are in flight will do full damage until their duration runs out. So if you fire a PA just before MS runs out, you'll do a significant amount more damage after MS runs out.

Multi Hit seems to fire virtually all of the additional arrows at the targetted monster, & 1 at each other monster.

Useage - cast MS & then attack monsters/use CAs. That's it.

Pros and Cons


  • More arrows.
  • Higher chance of hitting monsters.
  • MS has a duration.
  • Boosts damage once you're getting 4+ arrows.
  • It can give you a stupid number of arrows from Attack, & spiders from Spider Arrow.


  • Damage reduction (capped to at 1/3).
  • Very short duration (20 seconds), so you'll be re-casting it frequently.
  • Due to it's frequent re-casting, the regen on MS will eat into the time you can use other CAs while under the effects of MS, and you won't want to put it into a combo, as you'll be re-casting the combo every 20 seconds!

Stats Chart