Sacred:Achieving greater magical spell damage., A list and pix of ways to socket your way to greater damage.

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Published at DarkMatters for review and discussion

How to Increase Your Magical Damage

This will hopefully help all the other folks using spell attacks and magic damage. Understand that when using a weapon different types of magic damages can be listed.

1- Magic + x%

2- Magic Damage + X%

The two are different. On your weapon you can see the word magic x%. That damage will ONLY come into play when you use that weapon to hit a monster in melee with. If on that same weapon you also see the word Magic Damage X%, then that is spell damage and will mod all your base spell attacks. This guide concerns itself with ways of boosting your overall magic damage whether by by your weapon or spells in easy ways:

1- From socketing items with bonuses to magic damage.

2- From the secondary magic bonuses that you see on your weapons that just say Magic Damage x%.

3- From the melee magic damage that occurs when your weapon strikes an enemy and which says Magic + x%

There are many, many other methods to increase damage. Partying with others who cast buffs on us for example, finding the right type of monsters to play out correct elemental damage against. All more advanced techniques and perhaps the subject of another guide.

For now, when socketing and choosing your correct weapon, this guide should suffice until we write up the next one. Cheers

1- Socket Magic damage rings +22 percent:


2- Socket Dwarf Forging... 20 percent damage to all types:


3- Socket runes that give, as a secondary effect, ten percent magic damage:

4- Socket Magic/Mental regen:


5- Using weapons such as Prototypes which will mod the magic damage:


6- Socket Smith runes at Niobium level, two kinds:





5- Read more runes:

Problem is the regen is starting to get so high


6- Socket Critical:

This is very potent and will also affect ALL the other damage you manifest whether through spell or melee


'7- Socket WIDD: '

The most powerful damage modifier in the game. Think of it as a supersized critical. For experts only.


8- Wield Crit bearing weapons:

Critical has a chance to mod all damage manifested, whether you have it upon your body or have it in a weapon slot that is used when the spell is running and/or when you do an attack. For example, let's say you have a critical weapon slot and you have a DOT (damage over time) spell running. Celestial Light for instance. Switching back and forth between non crit slot and crit slot while the spell is running will have it effect different damages as a reflection of fact that the weapon slot is being changed. Be careful of this and make sure, if you wish to have the benefits of critical on your weapons extending to your spells, that you are using that crit weapon slot while the spell is in operation!


Are there ideas that I haven't thought of yet? Or are there actually rings in this game that give a higher percentage of Magic Damage? How about Mental high do the stats go on niobium level rings?

Thank you!