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Every character is capable of equipping and wearing a wide variety of armor and shields. Not all can equip the same pieces, however. Below is a list of the types of protective armor available. Rings and amulets also provide protection.

Arm bracers

Available to all characters.


All classes may wear belts. The minimum character level for wearing a belt is 2.

Body Armor

All characters may equip body armor.

Boots or Shoes

All classes may use boots or shoes. The minimum character level for boot use is 2.


Only the Dwarf can carry a cannon.

Gloves or Gauntlets

All characters may wear gloves, or gauntlets (not to be confused with the weapon gauntlets).


All characters may equip helms for head protection.

Leg Greaves

All characters can wear leg protection.

Shoulder Guards

The Wood Elf cannot equip shoulder Guards


Shields may be carried in the "off hand" when equipped with a single handed weapon. They cannot be equipped with bows, crossbows, nor with axes and swords requiring two hands to wield. Dwarves may equip shields when using firearms. If the skill Dual Wielding is selected, and two weapons are in use, a shield also may not be used.


Only Seraphim can use wings.