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The land of Ancaria has many writers, poets, and artists. Their work can be seen within the pages of Books that can be found exploring the land of Ancaria. The books do not enhance or give a character any known game-playing benefits. The knowledge in these books range from recipes to laws of the Barony's to Ancaria's history. Delightful glimpses into the history of Ancaria and advice offered on skilled spell-casting, the story of T-Energy, and how to set a proper table for Orcs are all a part of this world's literary heritage. Read on and discover! Most of them are fairly common, however, there is one exception. That would be the Book of the Seraphim and it can only be gotten by a Seraphim and only in one quest.

Note: The following list is far from complete.

Books of History



Books of Religion

Books of Geography

Books of Recipes

Books of Enemies