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The Energy Daemon hurls several Charged Bolts forward in a spreading pattern. The higher the Combat Art level, the greater the number of bolts. The bolts inflict pure magical damage and scale very quickly upwards in damage with up to 13 bolts being able to be cast at once. When this Combat Art is used and depending on the level of the CA, if the cursor is placed upon an enemy, the bolts will fire in a wedge shape towards the target. If the cursor is placed upon the Daemon when activating the CA, the bolts will fire outwards from her in a circular spread. The bolts look like white spheres of crackling energy that make a loud whining noise. This Combat Art will also give the Daemon a huge boost to Magical Resistance.

Usage Strategies

The closer you are to your enemies, the more efficient your bolts become. The wedge shape produces more bolts in a smaller area the closer you are to your enemy at the cost of proximal safety to your Daemon. While casting time to become the energy form for the daemon cannot be reduced, attempt to have a regeneration time of no more than 3 seconds per casting as the cast time is fixed and none of the Daemon's attributes will reduce it. Daemon's have very few set items that offer this Combat Art via item, and runes will have to be read to make this powerful Combat Art progress to higher levels. Socketing with Magic Regeneration, Physical Regeneration, Regenerate Special Moves or Concentraion will help manage the times between castings. Socketing rings with % Magic Damage will increase the damage of the bolts, with runes of + 22% Magic Damage to be found in the game. Blacksmith runes can help with increasing this Combat Art as well, if rings cannot be found. As Charged Bolts can have multiple charges firing at once, this spell works very well with the Daemon's Call of Death which increase damage exponentially when kills are performed quickly within a set amount of time.

Pros and Cons


  • Damage scales upwards quickly per level of rune read.
  • Up to 13 Bolts can be fired at once at the highest level of this Combat Art.
  • Can be fired in one direction as a wedge-spread or omni directionally from the daemon herself.
  • Pure Magical Damage allows this damage to have substantial effect upon a good number of the monsters in the game.


  • Casting time for both form change and casting the bolts is fixed and can be perceived as being slow. This can be tricky to work with in tight situations.
  • Change to Energy form for Deamon must be recast everytime the form dweomer runs out. This can become dangerous when in a mob, and the Daemon must run off to recast her form and then cast the charged bolts.
  • There are very few items in the game that affect this Combat Art, therefore to increase the level of Charged Bolts, the Daemon must read almost every rune which makes managing this CA difficult.

Damage Type(s): % Converted to Magic

Resistance Type(s): Magic

Energy Daemon lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Physical to Magic damage 12% 99% 99% 99% 99%
Magic Resistance +30 +1010 +2010 +3010 +4010
Duration 45s 94s 144s 180s 180s