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deacobr1new.png The Dark Elf hypnotizes all nearby opponents within the trap area.


Stats and Formulae

  • The regeneration formula can be found at Regeneration Formulae.
  • Radius = 3 + (Rune Level-1)*0.04
  • Duration = 20 + floor((Rune Level-1)/2)

Usage Strategies



  • Useful for stunning dangerous enemies like dragons for over 20 seconds.
  • Will stun all enemies surrounding Dark Elf.
  • Stun duration increases linearly (1s per 2 rune levels).
  • Doesn't require a heavy investment of runes to be effective.


  • You must be next to enemy to execute.
  • Range is low and increases very slowly (+0.04 per Rune Level) with each level
  • Relatively high regeneration level time (12 - only Pak-Dain and Pak-Nakor have a higher level time for the DE).