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Posted at darkmatters fpr review and discussion

Mistress of the (D.a.r.k.) Woods


I read through the build section of FDM regarding of the Wood Elf and we have a nice collection there. I really like wood elves so no matter how many guides we have i will add mine too.

I will try to summarize one of my chars - a hybrid WE.


When playing with a hybrid char we still need to choose a part is (at least) a little stronger - CA type or SPELL type. (in theory you stay even between the two sides but choosing one will lead greater efficiency)

My char -and this build - is weighted toward the CA like abilities with a strong Magical support. I wouldnt advise going the other way (although its is possible) because of the synergies this we has and the opportunities she could utilize. The ranger based WE could use support magic easily while a magic based WE don't really need the ranged support. (if your magic we cant kill something with her spell arsenal with ease the bow wont help her either)

Key features of this builds are:

  • 1 Ettol bow
  • 2 Megs set
  • 3 and a strict skill selection


With my WE I put all points into Phys regen. Alternatives could be Dexterity and Mental Regen but I am against them. You will use your CAs most of the time so the extra regen (and the HP bonus) will be the most useful effect you can choose.


Weapon Lore - Concentration - Ranged Lore - Constitution - Armor - Agility - Magic Lore - Moon Magic

I know this is a strict selection and not allowing to take some skills (for example trading or parry) but belive me - its honed through experience

Most of the time I am against taking Trading skill. (it could be useful ofc but its usefulness is very limited and only a few builds need the skill really. one or two trader char is quite enough to support all your other chars) This Elf simply doesn't need Trade to pick. Almost all her equipment slots would be occupied with the Megs set leaving Gloves and the jewelry free. For glove you will use as soon as possible Tadriels gloves (the absolutely best glove for a WE) and for jewelry any other char could shop.

Although Agility could seem expendable - its needed to get that little attack and defense AG provides.

Moon Magic. It was hard to choose between Moon Magic and Meditation but at the end Moon Magic had the more pros at his side. Altrough Meditation provides much more regeneration for spells than Moon Magic but it doesnt shortens the casting time. Casting as fast as possible is a very important factor here. Secondly our tactic uses so called "duration spells" and spell regen is a lesser importance because of this. (more of this later) other skills are pretty obvious

Combat Arts

At this part you have the freedom to choose what CAs you want to prefer. Its already written in other great guides so I wont really list all the options.

Basically cast multiple shot then either Explosive arrows HH or Penetraing Arrow. I found Attack useful too in some situations. Ofc any other alternatives mentioned in the other ranger WE guides are useful.


This build will use extensively 3 spells: COTA and QAAF and Companion of the Woods.

COTA is your damage/leech shield against the brave but fool enemies who come close to you. Also really useful to finish off quickly the split created enemies around you.

QAAF will provide speed (the least useful for you) and AR (main bonus). At higher lvls you could find yourself short in AR - at least if you dont use regulary Multi hit. MH greatest weakness is the extreemely short 20 sec duration. I found myself many times rebelling against MH because of this and at that times the extra AR QAAF provides is invaluable.

Companion of the Woods is an excellent meat shield. With relative low rune investment you could get it pretty high lvl. High lvl means more durability.


Now we reached a critical part of this build.

This build requires several sets to reach its true potential namely:

Full Ettol Set:

Without argues the best bow (regarding damage) for a ranged WE. We use one more feature = the synergy with COTA. COTA is mainly phys based damage and Ettol reduces the enemies phys resistances so BINGO. Your bow damage is increased AND COTA damage is increased at the same time.


Altrough low at resistance side it provides the snow damage bonus and excellent bonus to the spells you will use. Megs doesnt mounts bonuses to ranged combat but in my opinion the usefulness of this set overweights the cons. Ranged WE has overall high damage and Megs amplifies it.

Tadriels Glove:

IMHO the best gauntlets for WE. It has 3 sockets!!! + MF +high boost to ranged lore and other nifty bonuses.

Moon Amulet of the Wise:

If you could get your hands on it DO it! This amulet has bonus to mental regen and the spells qwe use. Splendid.

Various jewelry: ammys and rings.

Choosing the Megs set leaves you with relative low resists and no real bonuses to ranged combat. Tadriels glove helps with this (ranged combat) but you will need to provide the missing stuff from ammys and rings. Altrough this is not impossible but not easy either. If you have other chars who support your WE its much easyer though.

Theobits ring:

Bonus to dex, phys/magic damage, XX% damage trough Mental regen and bonus to all CA (+11 at max lvl). Dream about this ring long after it and if you get one hold to it. Even a lower lvl Theobit ring is useful because of its nice and many bonuses.

Main concern here is damage and AR. While defense is important Wood Elves doesnt have any CA to boost it. At niob - no matter how you try - you wont be able to have high enough defense to depend on it so we will neglect it to get even more damage. While damage/leech combo is a working way to keep you alive certainly not the safest method As Gogo would say: not for the feint hearted.

But if you do it right (with some luck) you will kill most of your enemies at range and CTA will make short work on the others.

Where to play

Until Gold (maybe plat) VOT is your best place to lvl and play. You will be stunned only a few times and you could manage to reach one hit kills (i had one hit kills). Zhurag nar is also a nice place to run around.

I hope you find this guide useful and if you try this one (or elements from the build idea) you will find it funny and useful.