Sacred:Enlightened Iron

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  • Type of Damage : Physical - Fire - Magic
  • Sockets : 2 (bronze)
  • Skill Requirements : None
  • Easter Egg Reward

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  • Weapon Damage Magic +XX% Mental Regeneration
  • Attack Speed
  • Regeneration Spells
  • Chance of finding special items +XX%
  • Chance to trap flying opponents +XX%


Pros and cons

  • Pros
    • Easy to get.
    • Nice Magic find on it for a beginning character.
    • Some bonus to spell regeneration
  • Cons


Probably the first and easiest unique item you'll get. It is also a nice starting gear for magic finding toons. [[Sacred:|Enlightened Iron]] is an easter egg. You get it from Sir Markus of Endlich, on your way from Silver Creek to Porto Vallum.

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