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Posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion

                 EvilMale's Meteor Storm Battle Mage


Lvl 1. Meditation & Magic Lore- Keep max on meditation magic lore 3/4 of lvl for dmg

Lvl 3. Earth Magic.- This is a must have in this build for Cast and regen times on your spells max out as soon as possible

Lvl 6. Agility.-this will help your defense and attack (for the times you absolutely have to)

Lvl 12. Trading - An invaluable skill it will come in handy

lvl 20. Constitution.- for obvious reasons.

Lvl 30. Riding.- A battle mages best friend is his horse and its nice to have the best horse

Lvl 50. Parrying.- You'll need all the defense you can get.


Meteor Storm

Ring of Ice



Ghost Meadow

Cataract of Agility


Forever mental regen- some might say to take Phys regen for the first 10 lvls but imo it takes away from your spells and you need to get the time's down fast for Ms


  • if at all possible *

Leah Joyce's Juice Mug of Enlightenment or Burning Longsword of Quakes

Full Byleths set for Burning Bone you might want more than 1 copy of Byleths shield if at all possible

Elohinir's Gloves

Elohinir's Shiny Tower Shield

Amarri's Belt for the GM boost

Frost Weaver's Staff for the boosts

Enlightened Iron for the MF

Blackstaff's Bracers for the MF Book of Wisdom ( Lara Ammies Book )

+ 1 to spell ammies

Regen to Spell ammies

Life leach Rings and Ammies

Critical Hit rings and Ammies

Far Sight Rings and Ammies

Any Ring or Ammy that is spell oriented for your spell choice.

Spell Choice Reason

Meteor Storm main attack spell

Ring of Ice to slow down the enemies

Flame Skin is good for 2 reasons. 1 it damages enemies and 2 it will also block ranged attacks from archers.

Ghost Meadow for spell Regen

Cataract of Agility for speed

Stone Skin for physical resistance

Battle Tactics

What i generally do is Cast Flame Skin run by as manny baddies as possible to gather a mob. Then I cast Ring of Ice to slow them down and lessen their attacks. Then I proceed to spam Meteor Storm until the mob is dead. You can use the other support spells as you see fit Ghost Meadow, StoneSkin , and Cataract of Agility

Area's of play

I have played this build all over Ancaria and UnderWorld. And Have been very sucsessful with it.