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Published at DarkMatters for review and discussion

EvilMale's Sacred Force of Nature Build


Lvl 1. Meditation & Magic Lore ---- Meditation Maxed Magic Lore around 3/4 of toons lvl

Lvl 3. Water Magic --- 1/2 of toons lvl

Lvl 6. Agility ----- 3/4 of toons lvl

Lvl 12. Trading ------ as high as you deem worth its an invaluable skill and you will need it

Lvl 20 Air Magic ---- half your toons lvl

Lvl 30. Constitution ----- 1/4 to 1/2 of toons lvl

Lvl 50. Parrying ------ as high as you can get it

  • Forever Mental Regen*


Water Spells

Ice Shards

Ring of Ice

Air Spells


Lightning Strike

Gust of Wind

Support Spells

Cataract of Agility

Water Form ( only if you want to )

Phase Shift

Flame Skin

Ghost Meadow

   The Gear you will need

If your going for sets I would Suggest Blackstaffs or Amarri's those are the 2 Set that compliment this Build Perfectly But any thing that has a Regen to Spell Boost or Spell boost for your spells will work wonders. And since your Up in the Mix of things with the mobs on this Build you will want a lot of Life Leach Around 24 to 30% at all times is what I generally run.

  • Personal Preference of Gear*

Amarri's Full Set and or Blackstaff's Full Set

Byleth's Shield

Byleth's Ring and ammy

Sol's Ring all 3

BlackStaff's soul

Book of Wisdom

Elhinor's Shiny Tower Shield and Gloves

Dimensional Staff of the Void ( I think is the name of it )

Frost Weavers Staff

Shiny Kite Shield

Skill Choice Reasons

Meditation lowers spell regen

Magic lore increases spell damage

Water Magic lowers cast and regen times on water spells

Air Magic Lowers Cast and regen time for air spells

Trading because its an invaluable skill to have and lets you find better gear for your mage at shops

Constitution you need as much life as you can get

Agility, and Parrying Simply because the Battle Mage is weak by nature more defense = a better chance of living

Combat Tactics Like I said at the beginning of this edited post this idea is not fully mine of a WW disarming mage. This is just my twist on it. With that said........................

This Build is designed to be able to stand in the middle of a mob and strip them clean of gear. My theory is this No Gear on the baddies = A faster kill and less damage to your toon. And with the added defense you should be able to take more of a pounding from mobs and be relatively safe. WW acts as a leach shield and also disarms Armor, Helms Shields, and Weapon from what i have seen thus far. Its a good idea for a money making toon as well because all the junk laying around after the battle is over. You will find some area's have uniques, and set items, as Obsession and Csaszar has posted in the past.

The spell choices relate to my combat tactics. WW is the obvious one disarming. Ring of Ice simply to slow the Baddies and the Nasties. Ice Shards simply because Lightning Strike is better for Mob Control and weak against single foes. not to mention i like 1 cast kills. Lightning Strike I seriously misjudged this spell until I played around with it. It looks cool when its buffed up and is killer for mob control. Flame Skin is awesome for splitting Mobs and combined with WW, and some split items you have a bigger mob and more goodies in a sense. Cataract of Agility Schot got me addicted to this one so this goes out to him, "Speed = Life" it is a good support spell and if you get into too much trouble you will need this one. Water Form same concept as if you get into too much trouble its a great escape spell. Ghost Meadow Simple lowers the regen times of spells even more.

Area's I have Played this Build.


Silver Creek ( Gobby Yard )

Tyr- Fasul ( Ice Elves Area )

Ice Creek

Zhurag-Nar ( Dark Elves Hq )


Valley of Tears

Hells Ridge

Have fun with it I know I have been.

  • Reason for adding GoW*

In recient attempts at this build I would find my self up in the Ice Elf area of Tyr-Fasul. Not really thinking about what wouldnt work it was more of not thinking outside the box more or less. I was trying to make a more player friendly build and realized.... That is really not my style of play. So with some insight and really good advice from Csas. I decided to add one more spell. to this build and it has worked out NICELY ( In an Evil Sort of Way of course). True this build will not be "as" player friendly as it was. But come on now honestly do we always party up when playing.