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Initial attribute values are allocated to all characters when they are created. These values are automatically increased by one tenth of their initial value every time a character gains a level.

The formula for calculating the current attribute value is:

AV = EB + AA + BV * (1 + (L - 1)/10)


  • AV is the displayed Actual Value of the attribute;
  • EB is Equipment Bonus (the increase to the attribute due to the equipped items);
  • AA is the number of Allocated Attribute Points (the number of points you have "spent" on this attribute);
  • BV is the Base Value of the attribute (the unmodified value it has at level 1);
  • L is the current character level.

If the displayed Attribute Value is white, it means no Equipment Bonus is in effect (i.e. EB = 0).

If the displayed Attribute Value is blue, it means that at least one of the equipped items is increasing its value.

Spell Damage Formula

Spell Damage Formula includes three different sets of parameters:

A*[ x*L + y*M + z*( 1 + T/100 ) + 1 ]*R + B*L + C*M + D


  1. Character dependant parameters:
    1. L -> Character Level;
    2. M -> Points spent in Mental Regeneration;
    3. R -> Spell level;
    4. T -> Magic Lore bonus.
  2. Spell dependant parameters: A, B, C, D;
  3. Class dependant parameters: x, y, z.

It's important to pay attention to the fact that M is the number of points spent in Mental Regeneration. Shard didn't test if M includes equipment's bonus to Mental Regeneration (he thought it would be so), but what is not included in M is Mental Regeneration's normal value (the one you would have with no attribute points spent and nothing equipped).

This formula is due to Shard. He calculated the Wood Elf Class' parameters and the Wood Elf Spells' parameters exactly, than, using the Wood Elf Class' parameters he interpolated the formula to find the Spell parameters for every spell of every class (with a negligible error when R is 250). It's possible to find a list of the known parameters on the Spell Damage Formula's Parameters.

Spell Damage Formula: Daemon's Infernal Power

There are only three possible target spells: Blazing Disc, Hell Sphere and Inferna Power itself. The additional fire damage depends, of course, from Infernal Power's level, but to include such (simple) dependency is not important.

Infernal Power Spell Damage Formula:

F*K*( R + G)


F, G -> Target spell dependant parameters
K -> Additional fire damage (given by Infernal Power)
R -> Target spell level


We want to find how much fire damage is added to Blazing Disc (level 120) if we have Infernal Power (level 195).

Infernal Power level 195 means +1000% additional fire damage, so K = 1000. Blazing Disc's level is 120, so R = 120. Now that we have the values for the two variables, we can carry out the counts using the F and G parameters for the Blazing Disc spell.

This formula is due to Shard. It's possible to find a list of the F and G parameters on the Spell Damage Formula's Parameters.

CA and Spell Regen Formula

The formula can be found on these pages: CA and Spell Regeneration Formulae and CA and Spell Regeneration Formulae pages.

Progression Bonus for CA and Spell

Due to the fact that the growth is linear (the increments are constant), it's not really needed to write down all the formulas. Sometimes there can be a single level in which the increment is different (i.e. the damage bonus in multi-hit, at level 4 the increment is different so that the bonus is 0% instead of 1%), but this happen only once (if happens at all) and at really low levels.

Notable exceptions: