Sacred:Graphic Walkthru of Ancaria, Maps on Regions, Towns, Portals, and Campaign point A to B.

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This was also a part of Librarian's Sacredins site, which is no longer available. All the files here, however, are modification of the originals. Mostly due to my lack of graphic knowledge, I can't reproduce the original products as intended.

No original quote for this one, because these are all reproductions. And I must say imaging is so difficult!!!

(The images were created for a website, but these are still shot now. So when it says click it to view something else, you can't do it. I will remove it when I edit)

If you find any error, plz PM me. Questions, comments are welcome.


Full Ancaria Map


For a High Resolution Map

This is the map that comes with the game (at least for all Ascaron distributed versions)

Sacred is set in a huge game world named Ancaria. It stretches for thousands of miles east and west, south and north giving ample opportunity to travel and enjoy the wonders of various landscapes. It may take more than a hundred hours of game play to uncover the map and even more to unveil numerous hidden mysteries. The greatest thing about Sacred is that right from the start of the game you can go through most part of the world, provided you manage to survive there.

Map of different Regions


There are 22 regions in the world of Ancaria (Plus and onward). Note that 20 regions have always been there. The two regions that shown in blue are : Tyr-Hadar and Swamps of Azschabrag, the new regions that are added in Plus.

The existences of regions have virtually no impact on gameplay itself. You can grant peace to a region by do quests within the region, but it doesn't have any actual impact. So comes down to it, the sole function of regions is their accessibility. For example, you cannot get to the Seraphim Monastery in SP before the main quest has progressed far enough. Another example is the new region of Azschabrag. You can only access the region after a series of quest.

Towns and Cities


There are 39 towns total in Ancaria, if you count the camp of Azschabrag, the orc camp in Tyr-Hadar, and Tristram.

(New towns have been added, and bright eyes people would notice the differences. For space I had to put two names on top of the icons, but I think it is not confusing at all.)

Tristram is not indicated in the map. Mostly due to absent of space. Also note that it does not fall into any of the catageory.

The texts are a bit small in the graph so I will repeat it here:

[color=blue]Blue[/color] markers indicates cities that are not on the surface. i.e. When you are inside these cities, the world map will offer you no help.

Black markers indicates cities that are razed or abandoned.

[color=yellow]Yellow[/color] markers indicates cities that are normal. i.e. there are people and regular shops.

Main Portals


As you can see, there are 13 main portals in Ancaria. In MP, there is an extra island portal, making it 14.

Not much need to be said about them. You activate them by going through them, and once activated you can go to that portal through any other main portals.

Small Portals (SP)


There are more than 16 small portals, but these 16 as shown are the ones that actually connect to another small portal, aka. for transport purpose. The other small portals are quest specified and should be clear enough when you get those quests.

The number 1 portal here should be familiar to all players, and it is the only small portal that is already activated.

The number 2, 3, 6, 7 are directly related to the element quest. The runes to open 2 and 3 are dropped by the dragons. The rune for 7 is given to you by an NPC. Number 6 doesn't need a rune if my memory is correct.

The number 4 is a portal to help you get back to Mystdale castle after you are done in Shaddar-Nur. (But the Shaddar-Nur portal will do the same anyway...) You get the rune by clearing the cellar for Glubba.

The number 5 is not related to the main quest at all. This portal connect Mystdale castle to the entrance of Azschabrag. You activate this with the rune dropped by the swamp dragon in front of the entrance of Azschabrag.

The number 8 is activated by killing the mage at the end of the secret cave of Demodrey at Crowrock Castle. It leads you to the island dragon. (But you can use a TP skill like Phase Shift to get there instead)

The End.