Sacred:Hard Hit (Revenge)

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deahard1.png The Dark Elf concentrates and uses his equipped weapon to strike a severe blow on his opponent. Without an equipped weapon, he will kick the opponent hard.


Stats and Formulae

  • The regeneration formula can be found at Regeneration Formulae.
  • Damage bonus = 100% + 20%*(Rune Level - 1)
  • Attack bonus = 42% + floor(12.5%*(Rune Level - 1)*100)/100 (Sudden Fury, Combat Kick and Rage share the same formula)

Usage Strategies


Pros and Cons


  • The Damage (+20% per Rune Level) and Attack (+12.5% per Rune Level*) bonus increases linearly.
  • One of the lowest regeneration level times (3 - only Mongoose and Confusion have a lower RLT for the DE).


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