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hellsphere.png The Daemon conjures up a ball of flames that fires a long-range stream of ire against all enemies surrounding her. To do so, the Hell Sphere must avail itself of the Daemon’s senses. When casting this Spell the Daemon will float up into the air making mystical gestures with her arms, a Hell Sphere will appear anywhere upon the screen the character places it. The manifestation of a Hell Sphere is a floating, red molten mass with with rays that twinkle, accompanied by minor-chord music that plays while the Sphere remains. As long as the Hell Sphere is within 1-2 screens (fully zoomed out) of the Daemon, it will attack any monsters within ~1-1/2 a screen of the Daemon. As it is a spell, Hell Sphere never misses, though it can be easily blocked by trees, rocks and such as any ranged attack.


Usage Strategies

  • Important to remember that it is the Daemon's position herself that will trigger any Hell Sphere to fire upon an enemy. Casting a Hell Sphere close to an enemy will not have the Hell Sphere fire unless the Daemon herself is within the range of the monster as well to initially trigger the firing.
  • Cast a number of hell spheres close to where the Daemon is standing then step close to the target. This readies your spheres for firing before engaging. Step closer to the enemies and all of the spheres you have set up will begin to fire upon the target (s).
  • When combined with Infernal Power, the portion of the sphere's damage that is fire damage becomes amplified by Infernal Power. Damgage amplified this way becomes substantial.
  • Attempt to keep the regeneration as low as possible on the Hell Spheres to increase the rate of fire (by having more Hell Shpere's cast at one time) produced as well as number of enemies targeted at once.

Pros and Cons


  • Has a quick casting timer.
  • Can hit monsters one and a half screens away.
  • Hell Sphere is affected by Infernal Power, and is very effective when placed in a combo of 4 Hell Spheres. A few such combos can take out a dragon.
  • The Hell spheres will never miss.


  • Not the best mob killer unless many of the spheres are cast.
  • Recasting can quickly become arduous especially when advancing across terrain.
  • The placement of the spheres can be tricky when expecting them to fire

Damage Type(s): Fire, Magic

Hell Sphere lvl 1 50 100 150 200
Duration 25s 45s 45s 45s 45s