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shse.png The Seraphim hurls her weapon towards her opponent. All opponents within the circular flight path of the "seeking" weapon may suffer severe damage when hit. The weapon will return to the Seraphim without fail.

Hunter-Seeker is a unique CA, no other class has anything quite like it, with only FotG that may have aspects in common with it. When using Hunter Seeker the Seraphim is immobile, if she moves the weapon jumps back to her hand and the attack is canceled. Once she catches it she pauses for a moment before she can swing again, or use a CA. My guess is that this is to simulate her trying to resettle her grip properly.


Unlike Attack, Hunter-Seeker can hit multiple enemies at a single time. The arc of her thrown weapon is consistent, and with practice it becomes almost intuitive to judge where it will hit. As well it has a greater damage increase. Unfortunately that cannot be clearly documented as the CA does not display the %increase to the damage, nor does it list the damage with any semblance of accuracy. But to give an example of the damage increase, a level 18 HS will deal roughly 9k-12k damage per hit before criticals, a normal sword swing for the same Seraphim was dealing between 1.8k and 2.9k. Roughly estimating based on those perceived amounts of damage at level 18 the +% damage seems to be in the range of +400%, which could be roughly the same as a level 85 Attack. Another definite advantage of Hunter Seeker is dealing with archers. Archers have the most annoying tendency to dance back a few steps every time a melee character moves up to attack them, often leading to a merry chase across the map, gathering all the more enemies and archers. On the other hand, with Huneter Seeker, when the archer takes a few steps back you simply need to throw, the arc of HS is the same distance as the archer will back up from you, placing it right in line with the toss. A potential advantage of Hunter Seeker, although one that some people might call a disadvantage is the execution time. Regardless of whether you are planning to use Attack, a left-click swing or another throw of Hunter Seeker, the total execution time of Hunter Seeker is somewhere close to 3 seconds. 3 seconds means that much less regeneration gear needed to keep a manageable regeneration on Hunter Seeker, or that much higher a level.


Perhaps the main perceived disadvantage of Hunter Seeker is the same as that of Multi-Hit. It can be extremely frustrating with regards to successfully striking enemies, particularly those in close melee range. This is the specific reason it is suggested that making a hybrid will work well with Hunter Seeker. Attack will work quite well on the melee enemies but with that the issue becomes having to switch back and forth between them while also disregarding the archers and mages that stay out of melee range, both of which can be hit by Hunter Seeker, either on purpose or simply by their walking into it.


Different methods work for different individuals. Physical Regeneration will speed up the regeneration on Hunter Seeker, while Mental Regeneration will do the same but for the spells. Dexterity will improve fire damage, Abdiel being quite useful in conjunction with that, with strength increasing health points and physical damage etc. It is recommended to put at least some emphasis on Mental Regeneration, as it will both decrease your spell regeneration times and increase the magic damage that they deal. It is useful to put at least some points into Mental Regeneration, perhaps 3 out of every 5, the other two being at your discretion, although it is suggested that you keep them solely in one stat, rather than spread the other points between multiple stats.

Skill choices for Hunter Seeker:

Since it is a hybrid that is recommended that will work best with Hunter Seeker, you don't need to change the first two skills, you can start with Magic Lore and Weapon Lore without wasting a skill, and if you want to change them you can do so freely. There are two main ways to start a hybrid, either start out as a Magic Seraphim or as a Melee Seraphim and then as you start to survive that way expand into the other aspect. Best to start off as melee and so skill choices have been written in relevant order regarding that progression. If you want to start out with the Magic side then simply swap around the relevant skills in the order they are taken.

  • Level 1: Weapon Lore – Increases your damage, pump it as needed to keep your damage up
  • Level 1: Constitution or Concentration – Constitution for more life, quite useful early on in HC
  • Level 3: Concentration or Constitution – Concentration to speed up your melee CA regenerations, keep it at a high enough point that you can manage your CAs.
  • Level 6: Sword Lore – Substitute for LHW if you prefer, I don't suggest DW because you only throw one weapon regardless.
  • Level 12: Heavenly Magic – More useful than Meditation. Meditation can be substituted with +RS for the exact same boost to regeneration, whereas Heavenly Magic cannot, not to mention it speeds up casting.
  • Level 20: Magic Lore – Increases Magic Damage, see weapon lore.
  • Level 30: Armor – Improves resistances, resistances are life.
  • Level 50: Your Choice although I suggest either Parry or Trade. Agility 'could' take the place of

Parry since it boosts defense as well as AR, but

  • Parry has more of a boost and you already have Strength of Faith and your specific weapon lore. If you already have a trader that can transfer over gear then go with Parry. Do the same if you really dislike Trade, it is a subjective skill.

Since it is near impossible to determine exactly what stats the items you use will have, focusing on fixed ratios regarding this (or any other) CA is almost impossible. If you can survive with less Weapon Lore or Constitution then go ahead, if you need more then build out accordingly. Base your spending of skill points on what your gear requires. One skill that differs regarding this is Trade Trade, or Forging for a dwarf, itt's most useful when it is maxed so you might as well do so if you can afford the nd you can afford the points as a reflection of your playing style.