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Originally posted at DarkMatters for review and discussion.

The Seraphim Super Model Build!


Everything into Charisma - (duh)


Level 3: Heavenly Magic: you are an angel -- 'nough said

Level 6: Parrying: to deflect the losers that are always hitting on you

Level 12: Constitution: A girl has to have some energy, you know

Level 20: Meditation: It's that Ti Chi and Zen stuff that keeps your mind and body toned. Plus everyone is doing it, so give it a shot.

Level 30: Riding: It's like "My Little Pony" come to life. And the horsies love you when you rub their nose and give them a sugar cube.

Level 50: Shopping: (they call it "trading" but you know what you are really doing! )

Comabat Arts:

Melee: Oh please -- like you want to risk breaking a nail?


Conversion -- They love you. They will die for you. And they will like it.

Light -- A little hightlighting and attention never hurt a girl, right?

Celestial Light -- sometimes you are so beautiful, it hurts. Them.

Light Shield -- ewwww, keep those sharp pointy things away from you!

RBoL -- Babydoll, these are the ultimate in anti-papparazzi protection

OK - this should get you going on your way to rule the world. This is what the Sera was made for!