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The skill is available to character classes that are able to cast spells. It improves the regeneration rate for all spells.

Contrary to what the game description says Meditation does not increase Mental Regeneration. There are 4 factors when calculating spell regeneration: Mental Regeneration (attribute), Meditation (skill), Regeneration Spells (from items) and a magic skill (e.g. Fire Magic, Heavenly Magic). Meditation and Regeneration Spells add to each other and them multiply with the remaining two factors. (the higher the Regeneration Spells bonus from items the smaller the impact the Meditation skill will have, this makes magic skills like Fire Magic more powerful than Meditation at higher levels). Hybrid characters that rely on combat arts more than spells could skip the Meditation skill.

Skill level 1 5 10 15 20 30 51 75 100 150 200
Mental Regeneration +%: 12 54 99 138 170 223 300 355 394

Available for: Battle Mage, Daemon, Seraphim, Wood Elf