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Patches for CD Version

Sacred PLUS

Official patches made by Ascaron for the base game without the Underworld expansion.

  1. Russian Download 1.8.26
  2. Polish Download 1.8.26
  3. German Download 1.8.26
  4. English US Download 1.8.26
  5. French Download 1.8.26
  6. Italian Download 1.8
  7. Czech Download
  8. Spanish

Sacred Underworld

Official patches made by Ascaron for the game with the Underworld expansion.

  1. Russian Download 2.28
  2. Polish Download 2.28
  3. German Download 2.28
  4. English US Download 2.28
  5. French Download 2.28
  6. Italian Download 2.28
  7. Czech Download 2.28
  8. Spanish Download 2.28

General Patches

Inofficial Sacred Underworld Patches

Inofficial patch made by Thorium of SacredVault for the english and german versions of the game.

  1. German Download 2.29
  2. English US Download 2.29

Sacred NL

Manuals & Maps

If you have lost your map and/or the manual that came packaged with the CD version of game, the following links can help you with downloads that can replace them.

  1. International Sacred Gold Manual


  1. Sacred Manual
  2. Sacred UNDERWORLD Manual
  3. Sacred Map
  4. Sacred UNDERWORLD Map


Inofficial Character Tools

Inofficial tools for Sacred and Sacred Underworld, made by members of the SacredVault crew and the Community.

Inofficial Game Tools